Photo competition for Cooplers.

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We want to spotlight you at work

Over the last couple of months, Coople has started to look a little different. You may have already noticed, we’ve transitioned to using black and white visuals and our Coople pink is not as prominent. As our brand evolves, we want to highlight the expertise of our flexible employees and emphasise their versatility, talent, and commitment at work. The most authentic way to do this is to use real photos of real Cooplers.

Between the 8th October – 1st November, we encourage you to send in photos showcasing yourself and your skills at work. A public vote from 8th October – 8th November will determine three winning photos. We will reward the three Cooplers who gather the most votes with £100 each!

In order to maximise your chances of winning, be sure to read our competition information carefully, so you know exactly what kind of photos we want to see. Best of luck – we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

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Competition information – photo guidelines

Our aim is to obtain authentic photos showcasing real Cooplers at work. We will use these photos to show our clients your quality of work, reliability and commitment. There is no better proof of a quality, flexible workforce than our own dedicated Cooplers.

Please see below for important advice, tips, and examples of the kind of photos we want to see and how you can improve your chances of winning the prize money.

1. Think about what you like to do or what you are good at.
Which tasks motivate you? What have your teammates and supervisors praised you for? What skills are you particularly proud of? This can be anything from fast typing, heavy lifting, clever loading of a truck, or mixing the best cocktails!

2. Think about how you can show this skill in a photo.
Do you need a box, a van, suitable work clothes or maybe even a friend that represents “the customer”? Plan ahead and imagine what the finished photo will look like.

3. Decide on a place to take the photo.
Your skills and (of course) you, are the star of the photo and both must be clearly visible and in focus. Do you have enough light? Is the focus clearly on you and your work? Is the background distracting?

4. Get photographed.
Ask your friend to take a picture of you or use the self-timer. It’s best to take a couple of shots at once so that you can choose the best photo.

This improves your chances:

  • Photo with good resolution (please do not shrink/compress)
  • Photo in landscape/portrait format
  • Photo in .jpg or .png, format
  • Photo in black/white or colour
  • The photo shows you authentically, focused and committed at work
  • Have someone take a picture of you or use the self-timer
  • Make sure that your skills/motivation stands out
  • Submit your photo as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting many votes
  • Get extra votes for your photo by inviting friends/family to vote

This worsens your chances:

  • Selfies
  • Photo from the Internet
  • Photo that is too dark or overexposed
  • Photo with poor resolution, blurred or pixelated
  • Portrait picture of you smiling into the camera (we want to highlight your skills at work)
  • Exaggerated or unrealistic scenarios
  • Photo with applied filters or recognisable image editing (be authentic)

Not keen on the spotlight? Don’t worry, this photo competition is for camera shy people, too. Since we are focusing on your skills/workplace activities, your face does not have to be the main focus. For example, you can turn away slightly from the camera or move your face into the background, with the correct use of light/shadow/focus. Just be sure to showcase your skills!

Good example

The resolution is clear. The person in the picture is in work mode and the activity is in focus. The picture is authentic and does not look staged.

Mediocre example

The resolution is not very good, and the picture is overexposed. The photo would be allowed to enter the competition but is unlikely to win.

Bad example

The picture is blurred. The person is not working and just smiling into the camera. There is no work activity visible. This picture would not be allowed to enter the competition.

Take part in our photo competition for Cooplers

Fill in the following form with your contact details and choose your best photo. Next, click on the pink “Enter the competition” button to enter the photo competition. You can upload as many pictures as you like to increase your chances of winning.

Each submitted photo will first be checked by Coople and only after approval will it be displayed in the public gallery for voting. If uploaded pictures show something other than you at work, we reserve the right to withhold the submitted photo and exclude it from the competition.

From 8th October to 8th November you will have the opportunity to view the photos of all participants and vote for your favourite. You can vote once a day and of course, invite your friends and family to vote as well.

If the competition entry form does not load automatically, please visit this link:

Cooples photo competition for Cooplers – terms and conditions

The organiser of this competition is Coople (UK) Limited. By participating in the photo competition for Cooplers you agree and accept this terms and conditions. You thereby agree that a photo on which you are depicted may be published and used in its entirety. In addition, you transfer the copyrights to the extent legally permissible or the exploitation rights of the photos you upload to Coople (UK) Limited to the extent necessary for the realisation of this photo competition. Insofar as you are not the author of the uploaded photo, you must obtain permission to use it and to transfer the necessary copyrights or exploitation rights to Coople (UK) Ltd from the actual author. The competition takes place from 08.10.2020 – 08.11.2020 and includes the selection of 3 winning photos, which will be rewarded with a total of £300. The winners will be determined by a public vote (via woobox) from 08.10.2020 – 08.11.2020. The prizes of £100 each will be awarded to 3 participants who meet the following participation criteria.

A successful competitor:

  • should have an active employee profile on the platform of Coople (UK) Limited by November 9th 2020
  • should have filled in the personal bank details in the Coople profile
  • should have sent in at least one photo that received the highest, second highest or third highest number of votes in the public vote via woobox

Participation via third parties, agencies or by automated means (e.g. scripts and macros) will not be accepted and will prevent the participant from being admitted to future competitions. Entries that do not comply with the conditions of participation will not be admitted to the public vote for the winning photos.

Determination and notification of the winners
The Coople marketing team will contact the winners within the first 5 working days after the competition has ended to organize the delivery of the prize. Coople reserves the right to name the winners publicly via social media channels (without displaying the full name). Facebook itself has nothing to do with the competition and is not available as a contact. Except for the winners, no correspondence will be conducted regarding the course of the competition.

Other terms and conditions
Coople accepts no liability for any transmission errors, loss of data, in particular in the course of data transmission and other performance problems due to technical defects.

Coople reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition on the basis of false information, manipulation or the use of unauthorised aids.

Apart from notification of the prizes, no correspondence will be conducted about the competitions. All decisions made by Coople are final and no reasons will be given. Legal recourse is excluded.

UK law shall apply exclusively to these conditions of participation and to the competitions. The courts at the registered office of Coople (UK) Ltd shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes concerning these conditions of participation.

Coople reserves the right to change or even discontinue the competition or its procedure (including these terms and conditions) at any time without separate notification of the participants and/or to replace the prizes if this should be necessary due to unforeseeable, external circumstances. Coople declines all liability in such cases. No cash payment or exchange of prizes shall be made. Internal employees of Coople (UK) Ltd or other companies in the Coople Group are excluded from participation in the competition.

Limitation of liability
Coople has organized the competition in good faith and cannot be held liable for damages of any kind and origin in connection with participation in this competition, including the allocation of prizes and the subsequent consumption, redemption or use of the prizes themselves.

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