Waiter / Waitress

Waiting Staff (GMSKO) TDF-0219-84

Waiter / Waitress

£154.66  -  £10.09 p/h
Waiting Staff (GMSKO) TDF-0219-84
Friday, 8th February (UTC+0) - St Katharine's & Wapping E1W
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Name of Job

Waiting Staff (GMSKO) TDF-0219-84

Job Description

General duties will include: To provide a warm and friendly welcome to guests. To serve and drinks from allocated stations at various points during the day. To ensure all areas are kept clean and tidy at all times, and that plates and glasses are cleared away in a timely fashion. Additional duties as required. You will be given a brief induction when you arrive by the event manager / supervisor.

Please note some information in the job may be subject to change closer to the time (i.e timings, uniform and meeting). Please make sure you can be flexible with this before accepting the job.

Black stiff collared long sleeved shirt with black buttons (no blouses)
Black tie
Smart full length tailored black trousers (No jeans, chinos, leggings, skirts or skinny fits)
Smart polishable black shoes (No trainers, suede, converse, heels, boots (incl Dr Martins) or colourful stitching)
Plain black socks
Long hair must be well groomed and tied back neatly
Ladies, light makeup (no nail varnish, long fake nails or bright artificially coloured hair)
No visible piercings or tattoos are allowed.
Please ensure you arrive dressed in the correct uniform. Please layer up as venue gets cold


10:00 (UTC+0) - 02:00 (UTC+0)  |  15 hours 20 minutes
First shift: 8th February (UTC+0), 10:00 (UTC+0)-17:00 (UTC+0) and 1 shift(s) more

At Coople we are all about flexibility, most of our jobs have multiple shifts and so you are able to select the shifts you are available for when you apply.


£154.66  -  £10.09 p/h (incl. holiday pay)


St Katharine's & Wapping E1W