The power of upskilling

The power of upskilling

As part of our rewards scheme of cash bonuses and giveaways, we also provide our dedicated hard working Cooplers the opportunity to upskill through our Coople Academy. We offer this in the form of face-to-face Coople training and online certification with our partner Flow.

One of our super Cooplers, Danielle, recently took part in our Coople Academy so that she could improve her knowledge and skills within waitressing. Danielle has gone on to successfully complete several of Flow hospitality certifications in waiting and customer service among others.

After her success, Danielle is now scheduled to undertake more hospitality certifications with Flow and will then attempt face-to-face silver service training with our head of training and quality assurance. Once Danielle graduates from our service training, she will become Coople Approved, meaning that we certify that Danielle has the skills and experience to be an expert in her respective job profile, in this case as an expert waitress. This will help Danielle to secure more work as a waitress and assist employers in hiring people with the right skills and experience for the job.

We wish Danielle the best of luck with her endeavours.

Danielle_Mason_The_Waiter_Certificate Danielle_Mason_Customer_Service_Certificate

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