Improving your Coople profile

Improving your Coople profile
Did you know that 90% of the Cooplers who have worked with us have a profile photo?
Here are some tips to help perfect your photos and get working today:
  • Portrait photo
    A shot of your head and shoulders is best, and consider what you are wearing (a beach selfie from your summer holiday is probably not a good idea).
  • Individual photo
    Even though we would love to meet your family and friends, we want to be introduced to you first!
  • What’s that in the background?
    Using a simple background will make sure the focus is on you.
  • Did you sign-up via Facebook?
    The system might have automatically used your Facebook profile photo (and it’s probably not the best photo when looking for a job).
See some good and bad examples below:

How to take a profile picture

  • Review your job profiles
    Add all the job profiles that you are interested in receiving job requests for.
  • Don’t miss out!
    You can select up to 10 profiles and the more you add, the more job requests you can receive.
  • Selecting your level of experise
    Some job profiles will require you to select an expertise level. Click on each level for a description on what experience is required.

Job Profiles

  • Work experience
    Include work experience and skills relevant to the job profiles you have selected. If you don’t us, your request job profiles may not be approved.
  • Don’t forget to add that summer job!
    You never know what small jobs might help us to validate your work experience. If you think it will be relevant and helpful, make sure to write it down!
  • Keywords
    Keywords will help potential employers quickly recognise if you will be suitable for a role. Looking at similar job descriptions will help you identify skills that are required.
  • Keep it tidy
    Employers may also want to view your CV, so it’s important to keep it clear, concise and professional. Keep it to a maximum of 2 pages and upload it as a PDF.