How Coople’s on-demand staffing platform works

For many, on-demand staffing and the digitisation of recruitment is a relatively new concept. Many companies are familiar with more traditional old-school methods, such as working with ‘recruitment agencies’ but thousands still continue to struggle with many challenges such as managing peaks in demand during the summer and Christmas months and absenteeism due to sickness.

Coople are in the business of revolutionising on-demand staffing as an effective recruitment solution – offering a scalable solution that seamlessly connects companies and potential part-time employees in line with demand.

Imagine it’s the busiest day of the months in one of your busiest locations and you’re short of staff – you could:

  • Struggle on, under-staffed, risking poor customer experience and lost sales
  • Ring round everyone you can think of, spending all morning (or more) on the phone
  • Spend five minutes putting your requirements into a simple web or mobile form, and getting qualified, available people who have already accepted your job, straight to your phone within hours

Coople provides on-demand staffing recruitment

We are here and ready to help your business to:

  • Save time and money when recruiting part-time flexible workers
  • Manage your flexible workforce more efficiently
  • And provide consistently high customer service, even in periods of high demand

How Coople’s recruitment platform works

Our technology matches your exact job criteria with the right talent and finds available people (‘Cooplers’) in four simple steps:


  • Save effort – An agency wont’ know your business like you do. Specify your own requirements direct to the market
  • Save time – Building up a talent pool takes years. Coople scales to the needs of your business and is available now.
  • Low risk – Recruiting from our pre-screened Cooplers cuts the risk of a bad hire.

Get in touch to talk to the team and book an online demo. Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll take the headache out of your recruitment process –