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Retail: a highly volatile industry when it comes to recruitment

The digitisation of retail recruitment has been a long time coming. Many household retail brands are now seeking new methods when it comes to recruiting flexible, on-demand staff.

Whatever your key recruitment driver, Coople has a flexible, on-demand staffing solution that can help retailers to:

  • Cope with the fluctuating peaks in demand
  • Deliver a memorable customer service that builds brand loyalty and engagement
  • Recruit front-line sales staff to manage the shop floor and engage with customers face to face
  • Source flexible part-time staff to support logistics and in-house stocktake teams

Coople Retail Recruitment Case Studies


Topshop, one of the UK’s leading high street fashion brands, with over 300 stores nationally, has secured a partnership with Coople to recruit ‘Brand Ambassadors’, to build a pool of talent to support event led campaign initiatives in London, and to create cost and time efficiencies into their recruitment process.

The initial trial ran in Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street. Moving forwards the Coople platform will be utilised to manage recruitment of all part-time staff, for all London stores, spanning logistics, stock take, and sales assistants.


A Swiss market leader for E-Bike trade with 29 stores in Switzerland was experiencing issues with managing fluctuation in demand and absenteeism during peak times.

Coople partnered with M-WAY to help them build a pool of candidates that met staff requirements in terms of quality and customer service, which enabled M-WAY to simplify rota planning, manage cover during peaks in demand, and resulted in additional staff costs being offset by additional turnover generated by flexible employees.

M-WAY have rolled out the Coople platform throughout their business and they utilise it as a recruitment channel for permanent staff and employees.

In addition to working with Topshop and M-WAY, Coople has worked with La Perla, Fossil, Zara and Agent Provocateur to help them build a pool of talent to recruit the right staff at the right time, in line with peaks in demand.

On Demand Retail Recruitment And Staffing Made Easy – Partner With Coople

Our job at Coople is to work with our clients to build pools of highly skilled staff to help them tackle the natural peaks (and troughs) in recruitment, and to manage them more effectively. Whether you are planning for daily peaks in demand or annual seasonal events such as Easter, Christmas, or Black Friday – retailers need to fine-tune their recruitment requirements in line with customer demand. We recognise that staffing requirements for many retailers, such as fashion brands, home furnishing and DIY brands, are often highly influenced by the weather and Bank Holidays.

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