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Hospitality Recruitment: facing flexiblity challenges

Given the speed at which many hotels, bars, restaurants and independents operate, peaks in demand, staff cancellations and shortages must be avoided at all costs. Hospitality recruitment can become quite a challenge.

With a great depth of knowledge and understanding of the hospitality space, Coople have built trusted partnerships with some of London’s most iconic hotels, restaurants and bars. Whatever your key hospitality recruitment driver, Coople has a flexible, on-demand staffing solution that can help you to:

  • Cope with the fluctuating peaks in demand swiftly and efficiently
  • Help operations directors in bars, heads of recruitment in talent acquisition at restaurants, and heads of HR in hotels, streamline their recruitment process
  • Significantly reduce time and money spent on recruitment
  • Recruit waiters, waitresses, kitchen porters , bartenders and chefs to support your in-house teams

Coople Hospitality Recruitment Case Study

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Coople help IHG recruit a range of staff for their food and beverages departments in both London and Switzerland.

IHG have complex requirements when it comes to staffing. They serve thousands of guests at a variety of luxury hotels and restaurants, carry out hundreds of room service covers, and during peak season host thousands of banqueting guests; all on a daily basis.

Through the Coople platform, IHG have recruited flexible, qualified, part-time staff to manage the natural peaks in demand, enabling them to consistently deliver high levels of customer service.

Coople Partnerships in London

Coople have partnered with a host of hotels, bars and restaurants across London to help them digitise their recruitment and staffing methods. With a desire to save time and reduce costs, many businesses are moving away from the old school agency approach to invest in an online, fast-moving hiring platform like Coople.

Our global hospitality clients include Compass Group, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott, SVGroup and many independents.

On Demand Staffing And Hospitality Recruitment Made Easy With Coople

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Hospitality Jobs At Coople

Waitress / waiter
• Wine waiter
• Kitchen porter
• Front desk assistant
• Concierge
• Barista

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