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Promotions and Events Recruitment: an industry that thrives on flexibility

For every event, no matter how big or small, flexible, part-time staff are necessary to make any occasion run smoothly. Coople provides a faster way to achieve on-demand events recruitment.

Whatever your key events recruitment challenge, Coople has a flexible, on-demand staffing solution that can help you to:

  • Scale and recruit staff as the need arises, ensuring both long and short term requirements are catered for
  • Recruit flexible, part-time staff to support your core body of staff who focus on day-to-day event management
  • Create a pool of flexible talent, ready to tap into with minimal delay
  • Cope with the fluctuating natural peaks in demand

Coople Events And Promotion Recruitment Case Studies


With a strong worldwide following, Coldplay had booked to play multiple dates in Switzerland during June 2016. Due to the band’s popularity and high demand for tickets, an additional date was added to their European tour. To facilitate the event an additional 800 staff were required at short notice, 50% of which were provided by Staff Finder, Coople’s parent company, and of those 400 job roles, 80% were filled within four hours. Jobs covered a range of skills; including serving staff, chefs, logistics, stage assembly, and all-rounder events staff. Staff Finder has worked with ZFV, a major contract caterer for live events since 2012 and is one of their preferred suppliers.

White Label Events

White Label is an events and catering company that specialise in delivering bespoke events worldwide.

To manage staff and resources more efficiently White Label were looking for a solution that is intuitive to use, takes care payroll, tax and all NI contributions, and gave them the flexibility, control and freedom to hire the right people for the task at hand – rather being subjected to agency staff that don’t fit the brief.

The Coople platform enables White Label to build a pool of high calabre Cooplers, have direct dialogue to build rapport, and provides the ability to ‘favourite’ to recruit for future events.

A Brand Events

A Brand Events are a company who deliver events such as ‘Secret Brunch’ and bespoke celebrations for high end brands including Veuve Clicquot.

They partnered with Coople for two key reasons: to increase cost and time efficiencies, and to give them full control over the of quality of staff recruited to deliver VIP events. Providing full transparency, the Coople platform gives A Brands the ability to contact Cooplers directly and build a pool of trusted ‘favourites’. In addition the customer services and operations team are readily available to facilitate smooth setup.

On demand events recruitmen made easy – partner with Coople

With a focus on on-demand staffing, Coople’s technology platform matches your businesses exact job request with the right talent at the right time. Coople is committed to helping you recruit only the best qualified staff, when and where you need them.

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Events and promotions jobs at Coople

• Event assistant
• Promotional staff
• Reception assistant
• Professional assembly
• Stagehand
• Assembly and dismantling assistant
• Event technician
• Host / hostess
• Bartender
• Waiter / waitress

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