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Industries Specific On-Demand Staffing

On-demand staffing platform Coople connects people and companies, and finds flexible, available employees in the hospitality, events and promotion, retail, logistics and business services sectors.

We work with companies of all sizes, from major multinational brands to boutique independents, providing a variety of roles, for job placements that span a few hours to several months.

Challenges coople address in Flexible staffing

Coople helps businesses find and recruit flexible staff in a number of sectors, and helps them address three main pain points:

Peaks And Troughs In Demand

Manage recruitment more efficiently

“I have regular peaks and troughs. I’m always over or under staffed.”


Manage sickness and holiday cover

“I constantly struggle with staff cover, especially when it’s unplanned.”

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Cost And Time Inefficiencies

Manage your staffing more efficiently

“Managing flexible staff takes up to 25% of my time: calling people, agreeing contracts, organising rotas and timesheets, and processing payroll.”

Identifying and acknowledging these key areas enables businesses to employ the right people for their business at the right time. Why over staff for a full 8-10 hour shift when in reality you only need to recruit for 5 hours work? That is the beauty of on-demand staffing.

Industries Coople Operates In And Roles We Recruit For

Flexible hospitality jobs

• Waiter / waitress
• Bartender
• Wine waiter

Flexible jobs in retail industry

• Sales assistant
• Event assistant
• Brand ambassador

People working in a call centre

• Telesales
• Customer service advisor
• Office assistant

Flexible jobs in bars

• Event assistant
• Promotional staff
• Reception assistant

Men working in logistics carrying boxes

• Baggage handling
• Warehouse assistant
• Packing / picking assistant

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