How to find flexible work in the next few weeks

Updated 01.07.20

While most of the hospitality and events sector have shut down to try and contain the spread of the coronavirus, there are still sectors that are incredibly busy and rely on a steady supply of flexible workers. 

If you are healthy and have no flu-like symptoms (not even mild ones), there are jobs available, especially in the retail and logistics sectors and in call centres. We encourage you to add the following job profiles, which are in high demand at the moment, on the Coople app: 

Retail & Logistics 

  • Cashier 
  • Sales Assistant 
  • Warehouse / Packaging Assistant 

Office (novice job profiles within this sector are in particular high demand)

  • Customer service agent 
  • Telesales agent 
  • In particular, fluent/native speakers of Arabic, Korean, Thai, French, Simplified Chinese and Czech speakers are needed

As a result of the reopening of hospitality establishments on July 4th, hospitality profiles are also coming back into demand, with particular need for bartenders as part of the return of pubs and restaurants.

Here’s a quick reminder on how to add job profiles: 

  • Open up the Coople app and click on the far-right icon to head to your profile
  • Tap on “Job profiles” and click “Add new job profiles”. You can add up to 10 job profiles
  • Once you’ve selected a profile, you can add your experience level: Novice, Intermediate and Expert
  • After you select an experience level, the job profile will be added. You will then see the roles matching your new job profile, along with the jobs matching your other job profiles

For more information on adding job profiles, please click here.

We also recommend you to follow us on our social media channels or by checking the app regularly (and read our notifications). As this is a fluid situation, demand for flexible workers will continue to shift over the next few weeks. Follow us and check in regularly through the app and our socials to stay up to date on the best practises, as well as jobs to apply to if you are looking for work.

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