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the three Cooplers who achieve the highest number of completed hours before 31 December will win a holiday for two, including return flights, 2-night hotel stay and spending money.


+ £100 CASH BONUS 

on top of your salary if you work 30+ shifts from 01 November until the end of the year!

Terms & Conditions

If you work 30 shifts between 1st November 2017 and 31st December 2017, you will earn £100 (gross) on top of the normal salary.

Every shift in this period of time counts regardless of how long is the shift. E.g. if you are hired for one job from Monday to Thursday this will count as 4 shifts.

This money is subjected to Tax and National Insurance Contributions. If you haven’t worked for Coople for more than 4 weeks, you will have to provide a new HMRC declaration; we will contact you in due course. These amounts are inclusive of holiday pay.

The bonus will be paid together with the salary (if you work with us on top) according to the normal Coople payroll schedule.

The top 3 Cooplers to work the most hours will earn a holiday break for 2 people valued around £1,000 each winner (£3,000 for 3 winners). The prize includes flights or train for 2 people, hotel room or Airbnb for 2 nights and some pocket money.
There will be different destinations to choose from: Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Salszburg.

Cooplers need to comply the below criteria in order to be entitled to the above prizes:

  • Achieve an average of 3 stars or more
  • No-shows will disqualify you
  • Hours need to be confirmed by the employer
  • The £100 bonus will only be applicable for the first 200 Cooplers that work 30 shifts in this time period
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