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10 things you can do when your partner works late

Coople has found that 1 in 5 Brits says working late has caused arguments with their partner.

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Meet Coople, the on-demand staffing app taking the gig economy by storm

The gig economy is constantly being innovated by technology companies. Now we have Coople, which is striving to dominate flexible staffing as an on-demand staffing platform.

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1 in 5 Working Brits Say Their Job has Negatively Impacted their Health

New research, commissioned by Europe’s leading on-demand staffing app Coople, reveals that work is damaging Brits’ mental and physical health.

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More than half of people prefer to have an improved work-life balance over financial benefits

Coople, the on-demand staffing platform conducted a survey of 2,000 employees in the UK and found convincing evidence that people truly desire an improved work-life balance.

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Coople strengthens board

Coople has announced the appointment of new Board member and Board observer.

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Coople, the on-demand staffing platform bolsters board

Coople designates new board member and two observers to bolster expertise across key sectors.

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Coople, a new gig economy app, looks to go UK operations

It's estimated that some 5 million people in the UK are now part of the on-demand 'gig economy', according to a report from Business Insider.

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Employees worry for their health after sharp increases in occupational related health issues

Research by Coople suggests that there is a large proportion of the UK workforce which is unhappy with work; stating that people seek better work-life balances.

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Work-life balance valued more than pay and benefits

Small changes like allowing employees to work flexible hours can make the world of difference to employee happiness, fitness and welfare.

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Fifth of UK staff say stress at work negatively impacts their health - Workplace Insight

One in five people say their workload as having a negative impact on their health causing them to suffer from depression and other stress-related illnesses.

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Gig App Confirms Gig Economy Here To Stay |

London-based Gig is a platform targeted at millennials wanting to scoop up hospitality and retail shift work, and get paid in 24 hours.

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Are you a Fresher? These are the best apps for you to download

This month a whole new wave of Freshers' are starting university and there are thousands of apps that can help them through their first couple of weeks as a Fresher. Coventry Telegraph provides the low down on what best apps to download for Freshers.

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