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We connect people with companies looking to recruit flexible, part-time staff.
We work in the hospitality, retailevents and promotions, logistics and office sectors. You can read  more about the cutting edge services we offer businesses here.

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"We can quickly and easily recruit a wide range of staff for events throughout the busy seasons, as well as effectively managing our everyday staffing needs. I highly value the service, and the help and advice I receive from my account manager, I would highly recommend the on-demand staffing platform."

Managing Director of Event Services

Embracing the digital world of work

By Martin

The digital world of work is here and organisations are having to adopt a flexible staffing strategy.  According to Deloitte’s 2017 survey on The Rules of The Digital Age, 81% of businesses that responded found “talent acquisition and management” as the second most important challenge they faced. From the on-going digitisation and automation of recruitment processes, […]...

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Coople founder expresses the need for organisations to embrace a flexible staffing strategy.

By Martin

Invited by The Resolution Foundation to debate on “the future of the gig economy and the changing workplace”, Coople founder Viktor Calabro expressed the increasing need for organisations to embrace both permanent and flexible workers within their staffing strategies, optimising workforce levels to match business requirements whilst better satisfying the evolving needs of today’s workers. […]...

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The gig economy done well: a better staffing model for your business

By Martin

Welcome to the gig economy –  a new world of work where businesses are increasingly seeing the need of having a highly flexible workforce to match the rapidly changing economic and business environment in which they operate. The number of skilled independent workers entering the gig economy is on the rise with an increase of […]...

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