Restaurant Staffing

Hire temporary restaurant staff based on their location, availability and experience.

Why you should hire
with Coople

Coople has a large pool of restaurant staff available to hire on-demand. Operating a fully transparent staffing platform; you have full control over who you hire. Decide on what industry qualifications, previous experience and star rating they need to have.

Coople helps businesses with three main staffing challenges
  • Peaks in demand
  • Lost revenue due to understaffing
  • Finding the right staff at the right time

Benefits for hirers
  • Hire experienced staff whenever you need them
  • Instantly hire your favourite workers
  • Payroll, national insurance and holiday pay is all taken care of



Gaucho provides a memorable culinary experience to each and every guest across all of its 12 restaurants. To consistently deliver such a high level of service, especially during peak times, Gaucho relies on the Coople platform to provide trained multiple workers at any one time. From runners to barbacks and cloakroom attendants, Coople is the perfect partner to deliver the high-quality staff required across all of its sites.



Lively Brazilian BBQ restaurant chain Cabana has 11 UK locations and needed a whole range of worker profiles to run their new restaurants. From runners, barbacks, bartenders, waiters and grill chefs, Coople provided staff across numerous locations as well as the particularly busy Wembley location during events.  


Royal Automotive Club

The Royal Automobile Club is one of the world’s most established and luxurious private members club. Coople provides trained waiting staff and porters of the highest quality for banqueting events and the RAC’s restaurants and bars, ensuring the excellent service remains undisrupted.
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Hire for these restaurant roles...

  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Barback
  • Bartender
  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Host / Hostess
  • Chef
  • Cleaning Professional