Logistics Staffing

Hire temporary logistics staff based on their location, availability and experience.

Why you should hire
with Coople

Coople has a large pool of logistics staff available to hire on-demand. Operating a fully transparent staffing platform; you have full control over who you hire. Decide on what industry qualifications, previous experience, and star rating they need to have.

Coople helps businesses with three main staffing challenges
  • Peaks in demand
  • Absenteeism
  • Cost & time efficiencies

Benefits for hirers
  • Hire on-demand and choose who you want to hire 24/7
  • Auto-hire favourite workers for instant hiring
  • Payroll, national insurance and holiday pay is all taken care of



Allbranded provides branded products for the successful Love Island tv-show and urgently needed Packaging Assistants to help deliver huge last-minute orders for personalised water bottles, which featured in the show. During a 6 week period, Allbranded used an average of 25 Cooplers per day working in shifts around the clock, enabling them to deliver 50,000+ bottles on time.
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Logistics Job Profiles

  • Warehouse Operative
  • Cleaning Professional