Hotel Staffing

Hire temporary hotel staff based on their location, availability and experience.

Why you should hire
with Coople

Coople has a large pool of hotel staff available to hire on-demand. Operating a fully transparent staffing platform; you have full control over who you hire. Decide on what industry qualifications, previous experience and star rating they need to have.

Coople helps businesses with three main staffing challenges
  • Peaks in demand
  • Lost revenue due to understaffing
  • Finding the right staff at the right time

Benefits for hirers
  • Hire experienced staff whenever you need them
  • Instantly hire your favourite workers
  • Payroll, national insurance and holiday pay is all taken care of


InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)

Coople has partnered with IHG’s food and beverage department to plan and recruit for their weekly staffing needs. Providing trained banqueting porters, wine & food waiters for high profile events, Coople assigns as many as 22 workers in one day. By creating a pool of their favourite workers, IHG is able to re-hire them instantly, drastically shortening the recruitment process and improving the quality assurance.


Dorsett Hotel

Coople provides Dorsett Hotels with waiters and room service attendants during busy breakfast periods. By reducing the time spent on recruitment and dealing with absenteeism with the use of our on-demand staffing platform, our client is able to focus on delivering outstanding customer service. Our SmartHire service also enabled them to also offer full-time roles to some of their favourite Cooplers.
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Hire for these hotel roles...

  • Barista
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Front Desk / Reception
  • Barback
  • Bartender
  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Chef
  • Cleaning Professional
  • Housekeeper