Coople Services For Businesses

Empowering businesses to find flexible staff on-demand.

Coople helps businesses solve three main problems

Peaks In Demand

Peaks in demand

Manage recruitment more  efficiently to match your  irregular business needs


Deal with absenteeism,  whether planned or unplanned,  from holiday to sickness cover

Cost Efficient Staff

Cost & time inefficiencies

Define your staffing needs  to optimise your overheads  and lower costs

The Coople Platform and its Services

The Coople platform connects businesses that seek flexible staff with people who are looking for flexible work. The platform offers three types of services that can be combined:

On-Demand Staffing

Access our pool of ready to work Cooplers based on your staffing needs.

Use our effortless end-to-end staffing solution that allows your teams to focus on developing the business.

Coople sources > Coople employs > Coople payrolls

Flexible Staff Management

Software Only:

Use the Coople platform to manage your own flexible staff more efficiently.

Save time planning and filling shifts, tracking hours and processing payroll – which we can also do for you.

You source > You employ > You or Coople payrolls

Coople Staff Management:

Source talent and use our software. We deal with the rest.

On top of providing you with our software solution, Coople employs the workers and deals with contracts, payroll, national insurance, tax and holiday pay.

You source > Coople employs > Coople payrolls


Recruit talent from our Coopler pool permanently.

Our ‘try and hire’ solution allows you to efficiently trial candidates and hire them as your own staff. This enables you to shorten your recruitment cycle (sourcing, screening, interviewing…) and ensures you only write contracts and start payroll, once you’re sure you’ve got the right person.

Learn more about SmartHire.