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We connect people with companies looking to recruit flexible, part-time staff.
We work in the hospitality, retailevents and promotions, logistics and office sectors. You can read  more about the cutting edge services we offer businesses here.

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"We can quickly and easily recruit a wide range of staff for events throughout the busy seasons, as well as effectively managing our everyday staffing needs. I highly value the service, and the help and advice I receive from my account manager, I would highly recommend the on-demand staffing platform."

Managing Director of Event Services

Best Hotel Bars to work at in London

London is regarded as one of the best metropolitan cities in the world. There are not many places that can offer diverse work opportunities for bartenders like it. So, we are taking the opportunity to share what we think are the best hotel bars you need to be working at in London....

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Millennials look for flexible work

At Coople, we love providing our Cooplers with work that satisfies them and that’s why we believe all work should be flexible. Research carried out by Net Impact identified what is most important to generations at work (millennials, generation x, & baby boomers), with flexibility being the most important amongst millennials....

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