The rise of on-demand staffing


The on-demand staffing industry is booming right now with many businesses looking to digitise their recruitment methods to streamline cost and time efficiencies.

Introducing Sacha Bielawaki, Chief Business Development Officer at Coople, the on-demand staffing platform revolutionising the world of work. To understand Sacha’s motives to join the Coople team we asked him a few key questions.

  • Why have you chosen to join the Coople team?
  • Why is Coople so attractive to the companies and sectors you’re speaking with?
  • Why is Coople so right for London?

In addition to looking for an entrepreneurial experience and to join a business with a proven business model, Sacha was looking for an opportunity to bring his financial skills to an interesting management role.

Coople is here to address three key pain points:

  • Absenteeism (planned and unplanned)
  • To manage recruitment more efficiently, and
  • To heavily reduce the time spent on administration

“The UK is a very attractive market for Coople – it is the largest recruitment market in Europe and London represents a third of the UK market.”

Watch Sacha’s video to hear more…

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