Superstar prize draw: work five shifts for the chance to win £1,000*!

Work any five shifts with Coople between 16th October – 15th December, and you could be one of three winners!

Earn your superstar status: how can you win?

Work flexibly across hospitality, events, retail, logistics and office sectors for your chance to win in Coople’s superstar prize draw*.

  • Complete five shifts between 16th October – 15th December for your chance to win. You must complete the entry form to be eligible for Coople’s superstar prize draw. Three winners will be chosen at random.
  • The more you work, the more chances you have to win! For every five shifts you complete, you will receive one entry into Coople’s superstar prize draw.
  • As a bonus, every shift completed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be counted twice. (E.G. John Doe completes one shift on a Friday. This will be counted as two shifts towards his next entry.)
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At Coople, we like to reward ambition. Hear from some of our previous prize draw winners.

You too can use the Coople Jobs App to achieve your goals.

“I work flexibly because it supports my financial goals. When I started working with Coople, I was trying to get some extra savings for rent. Coople made this possible. I like travelling a lot, so thanks to Coople, my £1,000 winnings went towards one of my trips!”

Ramune - 2021 winner

“When working with Coople, I can make my own schedule, choosing when to work and where to work. It has allowed me to work all over London in some great venues and with lots of different people. If I like a venue I can work there as much as I like and if I find a job doesn’t work out for me, I can choose other places over them instead.”

Alice - 2022 winner

“I have been working with Coople since 2018. It’s a great flexible platform for those that are studying or looking to make some money in their spare time. I was so excited when I won the £1,000 prize and I used the money for an upcoming holiday, which I definitely deserve after working so hard with Coople!”

Souzane - 2021 winner

“Flexibility gives me opportunity to spend more time with my hobbies and travelling. I will extend my holiday with this fabulous prize!”

Dan - 2022 winner

Our tips on getting hired fast

Novice roles

If you have limited experience, try applying for novice roles at first. Once you get that first job, it’s a lot easier to find subsequent work.

Choose different roles

If you don’t have much experience, think about the roles that you are more likely to succeed in. For hospitality, you may want to apply for smaller locations (rather than large hotels) at the start.

Stay active on the app

Jobs are added on a regular basis. Sign in frequently to apply early and increase your chances of getting hired.

Add more job profiles

Add a variety of job profiles that interest you. The more job profiles you add, the more direct job requests you will receive.

Push notifications

Enable push notifications – that means you can be amongst the first to hear about new jobs and be an early applicant.

Job descriptions matter

Read the job descriptions thoroughly as some roles may require greater levels of experience for you to be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't make my shift anymore - how can I cancel?

We understand that there may be times where you can’t attend your shift as planned. However, we need to maintain our community standards of professionalism and commitment to hiring companies. With enough notice given, our strike system allows you to cancel without penalties. Learn how our strike policy works.

Keep in mind that if you have strikes on your profile at the end of the competition, you will not be eligible to win. Strikes are given for late cancellations or no shows. However, you can still win if you remove your strikes before the competition ends. Learn how to remove strikes.

In which sectors can I find the most shifts?

We currently have most demand in hospitality sector. We’re accepting all industry backgrounds and experience levels. If you don’t have experience, add hospitality job profiles to your Profile and select the novice experience level to apply for our entry-level opportunities.

How do I earn additional entries into Coople's superstar prize draw?

You earn additional entries into the prize draw with every five shifts you complete. The more you work, the more chances you have to win! If you want to earn more entries fast, we recommend completing Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday shifts. Shifts that are completed between Friday – Sunday are counted twice, so you can earn more entries quickly. (E.G. John Doe completes one shift on a Friday. This will be counted as two shifts towards his next entry).

When will I know if I’ve won?

Coople’s marketing team will contact the three winners by 19th December, 2023. If the selected winners do not respond to claim their prize within 48 hours, they will not be eligible to receive the prize and Coople will select new winners.

Do I need previous experience to complete shifts?

No experience is necessary! Anyone can be a superstar. Whether you’re a novice or an industry expert, Coople’s superstar prize draw is open to all.

Who are Coople and how can I find out more information?

At Coople, we’re all about enabling you to reach your professional or personal goals with flexible, rewarding work. Find out more about how Coople works.