Perfecting The Working Student Life: Importance of time management for students in London


Student life is often perceived to consist of going out and sleeping through alarms. For most students, however, it is a stage in their life where they finally obtain the independence they crave and are able to develop a vast range of skills. Regularly juggling lectures, socialising and holiday breaks, time management is certainly one of the most important skills to have. With so called “limited free time and resources” to do the things they really want, students are regularly on the lookout for any additional work they can fit within their busy schedules in order to pay for their extra curriculum activities.

Here are 5 tips to get the perfect student study/work balance

  1. Be realistic about what you set out to achieve and abide by the 50-30-20 rule

Students know of the mental headache of figuring out how to achieve everything they want in such little time. A financial rule known as “50-30-20” has been used by many to stay financially stable. It follows; 50% of earnings used to pay living costs, 30% of earnings to pay leisure activities, and 20% of earnings to save. We believe this simple but effective rule can also be applied to how a student manages their time. Study; cook, and clean for 50% of the time, leisure time and socialise for 30% of the time and work earning money for 20% of the time for example.

  1. Plan in advance and make daily checklists

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. A very bold but important statement; without a plan, how can a student work towards completing assignments on time and to the grade that they aim for. To make the 50-30-20 rule work in the long run students should plan weekly and make daily checklists. With a daily checklist, a student can keep on top of what needs to be done and know when they are behind schedule, plus there is the added feel-good bonus of ticking off each task.

  1. Refuel, eat well and stick to a sleep pattern

Living life in the fast lane requires a lot of effort. To stay in top gear, refuelling is vital. Picking what to eat and sticking to a sleep pattern will keep energy and concentration levels high throughout the day, even if you’ve given in to a late night kebab the previous day.

  1. Localise everything

For students who work on the side, having to travel the opposite ends of London will hamper efforts to stay on track of their plan. Locations can be the biggest working student problem; most working students in London face long commutes in their busy schedules and in the long run results in leaving work or reduced academic performance. Keeping everything within vicinity means less time travelling and more time studying or earning whilst working.

  1. Flexibility is key

Every now and again things crop up and plans must be adapted. University calendars are usually planned months in advance and have a fixed schedule. As a student, attending lectures and seminars is the main priority, which means leisure and work time will have to be adjusted. The problem is that although London provides students many opportunities to find work, most of the time that work is not flexible enough and has to suit the schedule of the hiring company rather than the university. However, thanks to the innovative use of technology, and the rise of the gig economy, students can now work on-demand. The existing recruitment and staffing model was not fit to serve the 21st century millennials as it provided flexibility neither for the student nor the employer. Coople is now the solution for students in London seeking flexible part-time work around them; the Coople work marketplace allows students the flexibility to accept work which fits their schedule.

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With Coople, students can find the perfect term time jobs in London by picking and choosing when to work, how long for, and where to work without having to go for timely interviews. Being employed by Coople does not mean students are restricted as an employee, students actually gain all of the perceived benefits of a self-employed person, but with the peace of mind of not having to file tax returns and spend time searching for flexible local work. Plus, every job posted to the Coople marketplace is fully transparent with the amount of pay and what is expected of them.

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