Best Hotel Bars to work at in London

Best Hotel Bars to work at in London

London is regarded as one of the best metropolitan cities in the world. There are not many places that can offer diverse work opportunities for bartenders like it. So, we are taking the opportunity to share what we think are the best hotel bars you need to be working at in London.

Dukes bar at the Dukes Hotel

The Dukes bar, with its legendary status for being the bar where Ian Fleming sipped on dry martinis and invented the iconic James Bond, Vesper martini. Found within Dukes hotel Mayfair, the Dukes bar is headed up by head mixologist Alessandro Palazzi, where he serves up world-renowned martinis. At Dukes, bartenders can really hone in on stripping back and making what works; a top tip by Palazzi for bartenders wanting to perfect their craft and knowledge.

Alessandro Palazzi
Dukes Bar

American Bar at the Savoy Hotel

Voted Best Bar in 2017, the American Bar has a heritage like no other – it is the oldest cocktail bar in London. The American Bar at the Savoy provides a balanced modern and vintage experience for guests; with a live pianist playing American jazz and the British, Coast to coast cocktail menu. The menu uses ingredients found across regions of Britain throughout the ages, giving great opportunities for bartenders to craft cocktails with unique ingredients. The American Bar was also voted Best International Bar Team in 2016 and proves there is scope to learn.

Savoy The American Bar

Waeska bar at the Mandrake Hotel

If taxidermy is your thing, then the Waeska bar at the Mandrake hotel in Fitzrovia is the place for you. With their extraordinary décor and courtyard filled with jasmine and passion flower, you can enjoy making their botanic inspired cocktails. The focus at the fashionable Waeska bar is to provide guests with that feeling of exclusivity by using small, highly crafted distillers within their seasonal cocktail menu. Bartenders can enjoy making the Waeska’s signature cocktails, the ‘Bloody Mandrake’ and the ‘Louisville Lip’.

Waeska bar
waeska bar london

GŎNG bar at the Shangri-La Hotel

Situated within the Shard, Europe’s tallest building is the GŎng bar of the Shangri-La hotel. The name is derived from traditional Chinese architecture, “dougong”. This style of architecture has influenced the styling of the GŎng and it is seen throughout the cocktail bar, champagne bar and swimming pool. Bartenders along with the guests can enjoy the amazing sunset views of London from level 52 of the Shard. You could have the opportunity as a bartender to make the ‘Fear the Jungle’ cocktail inspired by Steven Spielberg from the ‘Creative Director’s Cut’ cocktail menu alongside head bartender Christian Maspes, or you could feature at one of GŎng’s star bartender nights.


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