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Work Finds You

Our easy-to-use app matches both side’s requirements in real-time and automatically suggests suitable job offers based on your experience, availability and location for you to simply accept or decline.

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Work on the go

Let work find you with Coople. With our app you’ll receive job requests for you to simply accept or decline, taking away the pain of job hunting.

Job requests and notifications

Review your latest job requests, job specifications and any job related information within the app, all whilst receiving timely app notifications to ensure you don’t miss out on any of our jobs.

Dual ratings

You will receive a rating from the employer every time you complete a job, allowing you to build your rating to receive more job request. The rating works both ways, where you are invited to rate the employer.

Check in & Check out

Offering a true seamless experience, the Coople app comprises of an intuitive check in & check out tool, allowing you to login and logout your hours by simply scanning the employer’s QR code.

Recruitment made easy

Post a job, set the wage and then pick from a list of interested workers – it’s that easy. Coople takes care of the rest, from contracts, payroll, national insurance to holiday pay.

Access our pool of workers

At any one time and anyone place you can hire from our pool of workers, allowing you to manage your staffing needs straight from your phone.

Just-in-time staffing

Find flexible staff as and when you need it, whether planner or unplanned with our just-in-time offering.

Coople connects workers and companies

Coople connects workers and companies looking for flexible staff in hospitality, retail and events sectors

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