Job profiles in high demand: working flexibly during COVID-19

Job profiles in high demand: working flexibly during COVID-19

While most of the hospitality and events sector have shut down to try and contain the spread of COVID-19, there are still sectors that are incredibly busy and rely on a steady supply of flexible workers. If you are healthy and have no flu-like symptoms (not even mild ones), there are flexible jobs available, especially in the retail and logistics sectors and in call centres. We encourage you to add the following job profiles, which are in high demand at the moment, on the Coople app: 

Retail & Logistics 

  • Cashier 
  • Sales Assistant 
  • Warehouse / Packaging Assistant 

Office (novice job profiles within this sector are in particular high demand)

  • Customer service agent 
  • Telesales agent 
  • In particular, fluent/native speakers of Arabic, Korean, Thai, French, Simplified Chinese and Czech speakers are needed

Here’s a quick reminder on how to add job profiles.

  • Open up the Coople app and click on the far-right icon to head to your profile
  • Tap on “Job profiles” and click “Add new job profiles”.
  • Once you’ve selected a profile, you can add your experience level: Novice, Intermediate and Expert
  • After you select an experience level, the profile will be added. You will then see the roles matching your new job profile.

For more information on adding job profiles, please click here.

We also recommend you to follow us on our social media channels or by checking the app regularly (and read our notifications). As this is a fluid situation, demand for flexible workers will continue to shift over the next few weeks. Follow us and check in regularly through the app and our socials to stay up to date on the best practises, as well as jobs to apply to if you are looking for work.

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Mental health: it’s on our mind

Mental health: it’s on our mind

Working flexibly is a dream for many. New locations, new people and the ability to work in a way that suits your lifestyle can make every day exciting. However, this tantalising lifestyle can come with some mental health concerns. How will I make an impression in a short amount of time? Will I be able to fit in with the established team?

Mental health in the workplace is still a subject that many choose to avoid talking about. This week (13th-19th May) is recognised as Mental Health Awareness week. This event aims to open up conversations around mental health in order to provide better support and guidance for those in need.

A recent study by the Mental Health Foundation found that 15% of people experience mental health problems at work. In addition, ScotHot found this number skyrockets to 57% in the hospitality industry whilst the Unite union outlines that 51% of chefs suffer from depression due to being overworked. In addition, evidence suggests that 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.

Despite the prevalence of issues including stress, depression and anxiety, just 60% of employees feel their line manager is genuinely concerned for their wellbeing. Particularly in a new environment, you may feel reluctant to discuss your fears and concerns with an employer. At Coople, we are dedicated to supporting every Coopler throughout their journey in order to create an experience that makes them feel comfortable with flexible working.

We have taken a number of steps to reduce stress and anxiety for every person that uses our platform. Here are five ways Coople is both simple to use and supportive in giving you the lifestyle you desire.

Detailed right to work sessions

A Right to Work session ensures you are legally able to work in the UK. In this session we give you a lot of advice to not only get your first job, but also build a reputation as a reliable worker. From a step-by-step explanation of how the Coople app works to tips that will help you master that first shift – the right to work session will get you feeling confident and ready to work with Coople.

Click here to find out more about Right to Work sessions.

Online guides and advice

Whether you are uncertain of how to fill out your job profile or want to check the dress code for your next job, we have created a range of handy guides to help you navigate the platform.  When you can access all the information you need prior to working, it allows you to attend your shift feeling fully prepared and ready to put your best foot forward.

Click here to read our extensive range of guides

Dedicated Customer Care team

For those issues where you need more advice, the Coople Customer Care team is on-hand 7 days a week on 020 8338 9333 to answer any more specific questions you may have. Our knowledgeable team can offer all the guidance you need, whether it is your first shift or you’re a seasoned pro with Coople.

Click here for answers to your commonly asked questions

Working with other Cooplers

The majority of jobs we offer will involve you working with others who use the Coople platform. This allows you to meet new people and build up a network of Cooplers who have also embraced the flexible lifestyle you enjoy. This sense of community amongst Cooplers reduces the anxiety of regularly having first days at new jobs. You will often meet like-minded people who have similar attitudes to you!

Weekly Pay

Financial stability can be a major factor in reducing stress and helping you to feel secure. Once you have successfully completed your first shift with Coople, you will receive your first pay packet two weeks later. Following this initial payment, if you work every week, you will then be paid on a weekly basis! These more frequent payments make budgeting easier. In addition, if you have been working hard to cover a lot of shifts and are in need of the extra cash flow, weekly payments ensure you get that vital money fast.

Right to work assessments: what are they and why do we do them?

Right to work assessments: what are they and why do we do them?

As soon as you sign up with Coople, you will be invited to attend a right to work assessment. Attending an assessment is something you need to do in order to start working with us, and as the name suggests, we run them to check your right to work legally in the UK.

Checking your right to work isn’t the only reason we run the assessments however; we also introduce you to Coople, our app and give you an idea of the type of work you can expect to find with us. Ultimately our aim is to give everyone who attends the session the possible chance of not only getting their first job, but also building up their reputation as a reliable worker.

Introducing you to our app

Our app lets you find work whenever and wherever you want. With roles in hospitality, events, retail and plenty more all available, there’s plenty to discover.

During our right to work assessments, we’ll walk you through the app and give you all the information you need to apply for your first job. We’ll also show you how to filter your results to find the jobs closest to you that match your skills. Put simply, the assessment will give you the tools you need to use the app to find and apply for flexible work in seconds.

Getting you ready for work

We also make sure you’re ready to work with Coople. As well as having staff on-hand to help you build your profile and apply for your first job, we’ll also share our expectations with you. By letting you know what our expectations are, we’re making sure that you’re fully informed and ready to make an excellent impression during your first shift.

What do I need to do before my right to work assessment?

Great question. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register with Coople on the app and book your assessment. We run several assessments a week at our offices in Central London. Before the assessment begins, it’s also a good idea to save time by uploading your documents and filling out your profile. It only takes a few minutes, and it will let us know in advance about the type of work you’re looking for.

If you want to find out more about our right to work assessment, be sure to check out these handy guides:

How do recruitment agencies work?

How do recruitment agencies work?

Have you thought about using recruitment agencies to find flexible work? Well, you’re not alone; according to Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, everyone from carers to single parents and beyond are looking to not only make work fit around their schedule, but also top-up their income by working extra jobs. In fact, there are currently between 800,000 and 1.2 million agency workers in the UK alone.

Plenty of demand for flexible work means plenty of choice, and that has resulted in many types of agencies, which can make it difficult to find the right one for you. To help you find an agency that suits your needs, we’ve put together a guide on how traditional recruitment agencies work, and how we at Coople offer an alternative way to find flexible work.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies

Registering and Onboarding

A lot of recruitment agencies specialise in specific industries, but they should all operate and comply within employment rights legislation. That means your agency must give you written terms of employment before looking for work for you (Gov).

Once you have agreed to the written terms of employment, you will have to sit an interview with your recruiter so they can get a better understanding of your skills and experience. You may also be asked to provide references from your previous employers.

Work and payment

After your initial onboarding the recruiter will work to find you temporary jobs by using their contacts and expertise within your sector. As with all agency work, the location, pay and responsibilities can differ from job to job. Some agencies may pay weekly, whereas others will pay monthly. You’ll need to make sure the agency you work with provides full itemised payslips, that way you’ll be able to calculate whether or not you were paid correctly.

How Coople is different…

With Coople, you get to take control of your work life – you decide when, where and however much you want to work. There is total transparency in regards to wages, location and details of the employer. Everything is available to you through our app, and if you want to make use of your transferable skills and try something new, then all you have to do is add more job profiles. As an added bonus, we also provide great bonuses and incentives like cash prize draws and free monthly travel for those who win our Coopler of the month award.

5 simple steps to achieving a flexible work life with Coople

  1. Register with Coople and download the app
  2. Attend a right to work session at our office in central London
  3. Review your matched jobs and apply via the app
  4. Get hired and turn up for work – that means no wasted time with interviews.
  5. Get paid weekly and receive a full itemised payslip


How to take the best professional profile picture

How to take the best professional profile picture

Increase your chances of getting hired with the right profile picture. Here are some cardinal rules on how to take the perfect picture.

Think selfie alternative

We are confident that your selfie game is strong, however, there’s a time and place for everything. Selfies don’t necessarily scream “I’m serious about finding a job”, but rather, leave the impression of not being too serious about this job search. Ask a photographer friend to take a headshot (with a simple background) and make sure you wear professional attire to make a good impression.

Say cheese!

You’re not taking super serious pictures for your passport or ID but showcasing yourself as a person within a simple headshot. We want to see heartfelt, candid and dynamic moments. Your headshot on your Coople profile should reflect your personality and let your potential future employer know that you’re the right hire. Remember, you can upload multiple pictures to your profile, so make the most of it.

Take the centre stage in your professional profile picture

Hiring companies aren’t necessarily interested in knowing where you spent your last weekend or where you vacationed last summer. So please make sure you choose a neutral background that is situated within a bright room. With that said, make sure you’re the star of your professional profile picture!

Last but not least, we’ll let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret: 90% of all previously employed Cooplers all had a professional profile picture uploaded. If that’s not a compelling argument, then we don’t know what is.

How do I choose jobs that suit my profile?

How do I choose jobs that suit my profile?

After you’ve submitted your complete and optimised Coople profile and chosen the right profile picture as well as written an effective CV, you’ll be ready to start finding flexible jobs near you.

To make sure you start receiving tailored flexible job requests, change the following settings: setting your availability, your location and your salary expectations (if you have any).

With the new Coople app and its fabulous new features will make it seem like a walk in the park to set up. A short intro into the Coople world should help you navigate the features and support you in finding the right flexible jobs for you.

  1. Before you even begin looking for flexible jobs, take a minute and think about your availability. Once you know your schedule, feel free to add them in your personalised calendar within the Coople app. That way we will make sure you only receive relevant jobs that fit around your schedule.
  2. Next, you will want to see flexible jobs in your location. Make sure you allow Coople to view your location in your phone settings, or the interactive map won’t work. With just one click on the map, you will be able to see all the available jobs in your area.
  3. With the new and improved Coople app features, you will be able to specify your search criteria and only relevant flexible jobs near you will be shown, including those that fit all the other options you chose alongside salary expectations and availability.

Is there an easier way to find flexible jobs that match you? We don’t think so! Simply sign up here to get started.

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