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Coople not only pays holiday pay but also sends you on holiday!

Coople not only pays holiday pay but also sends you on holiday!

So, where did our Cooplers jet-off to?

Just before Christmas we ran a bonus campaign for our Cooplers as a thank you for their hard work during this busy period.

We offered every Coopler the opportunity to gain an end-of-year £100 cash bonus for completing over 30 shifts between November and December. On top of that, the top three Cooplers also won a free holiday valued at £1,000 each.

Maria, Dominic and Antonio were the lucky ones (well… luck doesn’t always happen by chance!) With the £1,000 budget they could choose where to go and decide how to allocate the budget amongst flights, accommodation and spending money.

All the winners decided to stay in Europe, allowing for the budget to be spread across more days: Maria travelled to Tenerife (Spain), where she used to live a few years ago, to celebrate a special birthday with her friends who live there. Dominic decided to travel to Zurich (Switzerland) with his mum to visit his aunt, as he had been wanting to take his mum a long time ago. Finally, Antonio, the third winner, decided to travel to Stockholm (Sweden) with his girlfriend for a nice weekend.

Maria and Dominic could come in person to Coople offices to pick up their boarding passes.

Dominic Coople Air

It was great to be able to reward our Cooplers with meaningful prizes for their dedication and hard work. At Coople we believe that workers should not have to forfeit the benefits of work to lead a flexible working life, that’s why we don’t only pay you holiday pay but also send you on holiday too! Keep up to date for future bonus incentives.

Maria was the first Coopler to book her holiday and enjoyed some warm weather.

Coople Holiday
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