At Coople, we love providing our Cooplers with work that satisfies them and that’s why we believe all work should be flexible. Research carried out by Net Impact identified what is most important to generations at work (millennials, generation x, & baby boomers), with flexibility being the most important amongst millennials.

Flexible work topics featured heavily in the study with the three generations answering questions based on what they desire and what they perceive from the flexibility of their work. We can see amongst the three generations that millennials desired flexible work hours as “very important” the highest at 43%.

In terms of their perceived satisfaction of their flexible work hours, millennials scored the lowest at being “very satisfied” in their current jobs. Generation Xers and baby boomers both scored 59% at being “very satisfied” with the flexible work hours of their current jobs. The research highlights how the lifestyle choices of millennials are very different compared with other generations. Millennials now look for work which fits around their lifestyles and not vice versa – they realise that flexibility is key to get the desired work-life balance. It is also shown through the survey how current employers are not doing enough to supply flexible work hours. Coople are paving the way by changing how the world works – bringing the benefits of flexibility to both the employer and the employee by offering a marketplace which matches employees and employers with work suitable for both parties.

To further cement this lifestyle choice for millennials, students voted at 73% to trade-off a 15% higher salary for a flexible work/life balance. This shows how much millennials value flexibility with their work. They are happy to pay for it. With Coople, there is no need to sacrifice pay to gain flexibility as we are a marketplace of flexible jobs to suit people of all experiences with competitive wages.

Data sourced from Net Impact