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Coople founder expresses the need for organisations to embrace a flexible staffing strategy.

Viktor Calabro

Viktor Calabro

Invited by The Resolution Foundation to debate on “the future of the gig economy and the changing workplace”, Coople founder Viktor Calabro expressed the increasing need for organisations to embrace both permanent and flexible workers within their staffing strategies, optimising workforce levels to match business requirements whilst better satisfying the evolving needs of today’s workers.

With the number of “self-employed” workers having increased by 45% in Britain since the start of the new millennium according to the Financial Times, and the continued growth in part-time employment with an increase of 21 per cent from 2012 to 2016 (Labour Market Statistics 2016), we are witnessing a fundamental shift in the requirements for flexibility by today’s workforce.

As Viktor emphasised during the live debate, “organisations need both permanent and flexible workers, and we shouldn’t need to push one to be the other”. Thus flexible working isn’t for everyone and organisations should look to utilise this trend to their advantage, building a core of permanent workers with an outer-core of flexible workers within their organisation, helping them deal with peaks and troughs in demand more effectively, regardless of sector or industry.

For further reading, discover The Resolution Foundation’s full report on “The nature of self-employment in the 21st century and policy implications”

You can see the full live debate here:

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