Helping Comdata, a leading global outsourcing service provider, pre-screen and hire long-term and permanent workers. Coople enabled them to hire high volumes of specialist language talent quickly.

How did Coople help?

Comdata needed help sourcing high volumes of specialist language talent to join their team. They often required a quick turnaround to fulfill the stages of screening and first stage interviews. Comdata intended on utilising these workers to fill long term and permanent positions, so quality was paramount.

By working with Coople, Europe’s largest on-demand staffing platform, Comdata were able to effectively select, pre-screen and eventually hire skilled customer service and telesales workers to join their permanent team.

The challenge

  • Find qualified and motivated candidates to meet their high employee standards
  • Quickly source and hire professional workers within a short time frame
  • Rapidly recruit and on-board high quality, niche language speakers

The solution

Comdata partnered with Coople to instantly tap into a large pool of over 200,000 reliable, motivated flexible workers to manage spikes in demand. The Coople algorithm made it simple to quickly source and hire the right workers at the right time. Comdata were able to find high volumes of specialist language talent quickly. Here’s what the process looked like:

Job publication: Comdata used the simple job creator in The Coople Jobs App to create and post jobs in minutes. They set the wage, role and the experience they required.

Matching and reviewing: the job was then automatically matched via the Coople algorithm. The workers were able to apply and Comdata reviewed the applicants based on their CV and ratings before hiring them.

Confirmation of hours: once the job was completed, Comdata reviewed the hours. Next, the platform handled all the administration and payroll. Comdata then added their best temporary workers to their ‘favourites’ pool.

The results

Fully vetted workers: efficiently hired and on-boarded high volumes of multilingual speakers within 1-2 weeks.

Time and cost efficiency: optimised labour force efficiencies by increasing the workforce size.

You’re in charge: successfully recruited quality, permanent candidates to join their team.

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