Are you looking for staff to help you fill shelves or answer calls? Or is your business shifting away from Central London and you now need hospitality staff in other areas? Our flexible work platform with more than 200,000 registered workers might be the solution for you. Coople is still open for business! 

We have qualified and motivated staff in the retail, logistics, hospitality and office sectors. 

Here are just some examples:

  • Coople is working with a large supermarket chain in Switzerland on their contingency planning for the exceptional demand during March and April 2020.
  • Several well-known e-commerce and foohod delivery companies in London rely on Coople staff to provide outstanding customer service all year round. We are currently working hard to help them manage an increase in inbound calls and online chat enquiries.
  • Coople is working with restaurant chains and operators of delivery kitchens to provide cover while their chefs and other staff are away with their family or unable to attend work.

What’s Coople?

Find out more about how the Coople platform works once you’ve signed up.

Choose the role

Whether you’re looking for experienced chefs, warehouse staff or office assistants, the Coople platform can find the right workers for your job. All you have to do is select the role and the experience level to get started.

Set the wage

With Coople, you’re always in control over how much you pay. When you create a job, you set the hourly wage. There are no set up costs or admin costs.

Add the shift details

Creating the shifts and adding the times can be done in seconds. Then it’s just a case of publishing the job.

Review and hire applicants

As soon as there are any applicants, you’ll receive a notification and can view all the candidates’ CVs and previous ratings. Hire via the desktop version, or if you’re away from your desk you can use the Coople Hire app.

Watch the video on how to hire a Coopler.