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Meet Viktor Calabro, CEO and founder



Viktor Calabro
CEO And Founder

Viktor Calabro has worked within the on-demand staffing industry for over five years. A well-known and well-respected entrepreneur, Viktor launched Staff Finder, the world’s first on-demand staffing marketplace in 2011 now called Coople, and coined the term ‘just in time staff management’. With offices in London and Zurich operating across multiple sectors including hospitality, retail, events and commercial services, Coople enables businesses to find temporary workers to immediately fill their hourly and daily staffing needs around the clock.

Growing fast, Coople currently brokers thousands of temporary jobs across 150,000+ employees with over 5,000 employers. Current clients include Compass Group, Uber, Fossil, and many more. Moreover, the business fills 98% of all job requests within four hours.

A shrewd, hands-on businessman, Viktor was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young (2014) and was nominated as a finalist in the Swiss Economic Awards (2015) where over 300 start-ups participated.

With a keen interest in IT and all things technology, Viktor started his career as a programmer for management tools at UBS based in Zurich, before working as a Consultant for Trivadis, a Swiss IT company, where he focused on process optimisation. From here he realised his first entrepreneurial dream and launched ‘La Folie’, a Zurich based events promotions agency in 2003. In fact, it was whilst working at Trivadis, prior to launching ‘La Folie’, that he identified the challenge of recruiting good, quality staff at short notice, and discovered his inspiration to revolutionise the world of work for personnel on-demand staffing solutions, hence the launch of Staff Finder, and more recently Coople in the UK in 2016.

Viktor spends his time equally between Switzerland and the UK, and is a keen sportsman.

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