How to take the best profile pic?

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Profile picture - Job App - Coople

Automatically increase your chances of getting hired with the right profile pic! Your potential future employer will be able to make a quick decision based on your profile. So make sure you’ve got a complete profile alongside an awesome profile picture! Some cardinal rules on how to win the profile pic game:

But first, let me take a selfie…not!

We are confident that your selfie game is strong, however, there’s a time and place for everything. Selfies don’t necessarily scream „I’m serious about finding a job“, but rather, leave the impression of not being too serious about this job search. But no need to worry! Ask a photographer friend or simply your parents to take a headshot (with a simple background!). They might also be able to coach you on what to wear, or on how bright your smile should be. Parents know best after all.

Say cheese!

You’re not taking super serious pictures for your passport or ID, but showcasing yourself as a person within a simple headshot. We want to see heartfelt, candid and dynamic moments! Your headshot on your Coople profile should reflect your personality and let your potential future employer know that you’re the right hire!

Take the center stage on your picture

Your future potential employer isn’t necessarily interested in knowing where you spent your last weekend (at a party, duh!), where you vacationed last summer (we heard the Greek Islands are up and coming!) or if your bedroom has your 10th grade crush displayed across the wall (it’s time to take that down, don’t you think?). So please do us all a favor and choose a neutral, sober background that is situated within a bright room. With that said, make sure you’re the star of your picture, and not your 10th grade crush…

Last but not least, we’ll let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret: 90% of all previously employed Cooplers all had their profile pic uploaded. If that’s not a compelling argument, then we don’t know what is.