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It’s that time of the year again: Big time for gifting, parties but also for account closings, budget making, hiring staff on short-notice… But do not worry: At Coople, we are able to offer cross-industry solutions to your short-term staffing needs so you get to enjoy the holiday spirit to the fullest!

We have an early Christmas gift for you

Be amongst the first 100 clients who order before January 16, 2019, and receive the gift of 1 day-worth of staff for free*! Just mention the code COOPLE XMAS to your account manager.

Why you should hire with Coople:

  • Hire on-demand and choose who you want to hire 24/7
  • 287’000 registered employees immediately available
  • Choose from junior to experienced workers
  • Auto-matching of candidates to jobs thanks to unique algorithm
  • Payroll, national insurance and holiday pay is all taken care of by us
  • Competent Customer Care Team available from Monday till Sunday

*Offer only applies to first-time hiring accounts on the Coople platform. Offer is limited to one hired person for up to 8 hours and applies to a shift registered until January 16, 2019 only. Coople reserves the right to modify or terminate this referral program at any time as it sees fit.

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They work with us

How we have helped our customers


A Swiss market leader for E-Bike trade with 29 stores in Switzerland was experiencing issues with managing fluctuation in demand and absenteeism during peak times. Coople partnered with M-WAY to help them build a pool of candidates that met staff requirements in terms of quality and customer service, which enabled M-WAY to simplify rota planning, manage cover during peaks in demand, and resulted in additional staff costs being offset by additional turnover generated by flexible employees. M-WAY have rolled out the Coople platform throughout their business and they utilise it as a recruitment channel for permanent staff and employees.

How we have helped our customers

Hotel Vitznauerhof

Thanks to the collaboration with Coople we were able to reduce staff costs at the Vitznauerhof by 7-9% in the summer season of 2015. During peak times in summer, or for large events like weddings, we could specifically employ only the needed personnel and avoid employing permanent employees for a long period of time. This has enabled us to be extremely flexible and to employ personnel only when it is really needed.

How we have helped our customers


Evernote is a place for individualists and for teams to collect, cultivate and share ideas in different forms. We are a unbelievable talented and spirited team which develops products that influence the lifes of millions of people worldwide positively. Since September 2017 Evernote and Coople are working together. Due to a new project which caused an unpretictable amount of work, Evernote decided to use the services of Coople to stay as flexible as possible. For this and other projects, Evernote recruited with the job profiles Customer Care and Sales. The collaboration with Coople is practical for Evernote because Coople provides all administration work as salary payment and accounting. Like this, Evernote has more time to realize projects for customers.

How we have helped our customers


With a strong worldwide following, Coldplay had booked to play multiple dates in Switzerland during June 2016. Due to the band’s popularity and high demand for tickets, an additional date was added to their European tour. To facilitate the event, an additional 800 staff were required at short notice, 50% of which were provided by Coople and of those 400 job roles, 80% were filled within four hours. Jobs covered a range of skills; including serving staff, chefs, logistics, stage assembly, and all-rounder events staff. Coople has worked with ZFV, a major contract caterer for live events since 2012 and is one of their preferred suppliers.
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