Promotion Staffing

Hire temporary promotion staff based on their location, availability and experience.

Why you should hire
with Coople

Coople has a large pool of promotion staff available to hire just in time. Operating a fully transparent staffing platform; you have full control over who you hire. Decide on what industry qualifications, previous experience and star rating they need to have.

Coople helps businesses with three main staffing challenges
  • Peaks in demand
  • absenteeism
  • Cost & time efficiencies

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Smartbox is the leading European provider of experience gifts, and have claimed their place as the bestselling gift box in Switzerland. The industry pioneer is present in more than 10,000 retailers and is of course also available online. During the Christmas season, Smartbox’s business takes off. Almost 30% of their total revenue is generated during the few weeks leading up to the holidays. In this peak time Smartbox relies on Coople to meet extra staffing demands: during Christmas 2017, 295 Cooplers were hired to promote Smartbox, in 1268 missions, at 107 different locations. It was especially important to Smartbox that their promotors arrived on the job with the proper preparation, so Coople organized specialized training sessions according their wishes and requirements. Thanks to precise organization this challenge was met with great success.
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Promotion Job Profile

  • Promoter (consultant)
  • Decorator
  • Cloakroom attendant
  • Deliverers / distributors (newspapers, flyers, samples)
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