Sales Assistant in Retail Trade

Receive flexible jobs as a sales assistant in retail trade – where you want and when you want.

Why you should work with Coople

Coople offers the best flexible sales assistant jobs for you to choose from. You are in control; work as little or as much as you want. As a staffing platform, we cater flexible retail sales assistant jobs to people of all experience levels – from novice right up to expert level.

Job responsibilities
  • Deliver a friendly service to customers
  • Ensure stock levels on the shop floor are replenished to a satisfactory level
  • Assist with customer requirements
  • Be comfortable operating a payment register efficiently

The experience levels
  • Novice: first experiences in sales are beneficial, but not essential
  • Novice with >20 months of experience
  • Skilled: Sales people with a Swiss Federal VET Diploma (EFZ) in the retail sector

Get great benefits

Not only do we provide you the flexibility to fit work around your life at Coople, but we also provide you with the benefits you are familiar to with full-time work:

  • Holiday pay
  • Security guaranteed by collective labor agreement
  • Access to industry recognised training and qualifications

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