Barman and Barmaid

Receive flexible jobs as a bartender – where you want and when you want.

Why you should work with Coople

Coople offers the best flexible jobs as a bartender for you to choose from. You are in control; work as little or as much as you want. As a staffing platform, we cater flexible bartender jobs to people of all experience levels – from novice right up to expert level.

Job responsibilities
  • Serve customers in a hospitable manner
  • Ensure efficient and quality delivery of beverages
  • Take pride in keeping the bar and front of house organised & clean
  • Adhere to alcohol licensing laws at all times
  • Work closely with friendly & cooperative teams
  • Demonstrate a knowledge for cocktail making (mixology)

The experience levels
  • Novice: Expertise related to the preparation of the most popular cocktails and long drinks

Bartender Jobs


CHF 148.50  -  CHF 27.00 p/h
Barmitarbeiterin Oktoberfest
Friday, 18th October (UTC+2) - 6331 Hünenberg


CHF 150.00  -  CHF 25.00 p/h
Thursday, 17th October (UTC+2) - 6300 Zug


CHF 175.00  -  CHF 25.00 p/h
URS am Bärenpark-Jubiläum in Bern
Saturday, 19th October (UTC+2) - 3005 Bern


CHF 137.50  -  CHF 25.00 p/h
Dinner Party Bartender
Saturday, 19th October (UTC+2) - 8048 Zürich


CHF 191.20  -  CHF 23.90 p/h
Barmitarbeiter für 90er Party
Saturday, 2nd November (UTC+2) - 9500 Wil


CHF 858.00  -  CHF 26.00 p/h
Barmitarbeiter für ein Event
Friday, 22nd November (UTC+2) - 8005 Zürich

Get great benefits

Not only do we provide you the flexibility to fit work around your life at Coople, but we also provide you with the benefits you are familiar to with full-time work:

  • Holiday pay
  • Security guaranteed by collective labor agreement
  • Access to industry recognised training and qualifications

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