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Cirque du Soleil finds new reliable staffing partner in Coople

Coming back to Geneva after two years our client was looking for a new reliable staffing partner in Switzerland. While touring in several markets, the circus was increasingly confronted with recruiting problems, no-shows and lack of consistency in staff and was not able to cover last-minute cancellations.

Digitec Galaxus AG hired flexible logisticians with Coople to cope with their increased demand

Due to sudden increases in demand caused by the Covid crisis, Digitec Galaxus AG was faced with difficulties of covering these changes with existing staff. When the handling was no longer feasible, our customer had to quickly stock up the current team with qualified, flexible logisticians who were interested in working for several months.

Hiltl AG covers peaks in demand and absences with flexible staff

Staff planning for seasonal businesses is not the easiest, as it depends on various factors such as the weather. But the year 2020 was particularly challenging due to the pandemic outbreak, which also affected “Hiltl am Strand“.

Flexible staff planning as key success factor of the cantonal Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Shortly before Christmas 2020, the first vaccines against Covid-19 were licensed. The cantons were thus faced with the challenge of planning the cantonal vaccination campaigns and – depending on the availability of the vaccine – vaccinating the various population groups as quickly as possible and in a manner appropriate to the target group.

Successful expansion with responsive staffing

STEF Switzerland Ltd. needed a responsive staffing strategy to open a new location in Kölliken. Their need for a new warehouse was driven by strong fluctuations in demand for their frozen products.

Increased their productivity with flexible staff

New internal processes were introduced at the beginning of the year to increase productivity. These processes included the labelling of hundreds of products as well as the relocation and reorganization of the entire warehouse. The accomplishment of these tasks was only possible with the support of Coople and our pool of flexible staff.

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