Coople’s Summer Bonus: win CHF 1'000.- with Coople Jobs!

To ensure you earn a nice salary this summer and that you get to know new hiring companies,
we are once again launching our Summer Bonus!

We’re giving away CHF 1’000.- each to three Cooplers!
Terms and conditions apply

Here’s how you can win:

Work flexibly across hospitality, events, retail, logistics and office sectors this summer for your chance to win.

Entry rules

We can’t wait to help you get back to work and reach your goals! For your chance to win, follow these four easy steps:

  • Fill in the entry form at the button below
  • Complete at least five shifts between July 1st – August 31st 2023
  • Arrive on time for all your shifts
  • You must not cancel any shift with less than 24 hours notice

Important: As soon as you complete five shifts, your name will be entered into the prize draw from which we will randomly pick the three winners. With every five shifts you complete after your initial five, you will receive an extra entry into the prize draw. The more shifts you complete, the higher your chances of winning CHF 1’000.-!

(Example: John completes 35 shifts during Coople’s Summer Bonus period. His name entered the prize draw 7 times in total. John has increased his chances to win the summer bonus of CHF 1’000.- successfully.)

How can I get hired fast?

Read our tips on how to increase your chances of getting hired and make sure your profile is up to date.

It’s a good idea to activate push notifications for the Coople Jobs App so you can respond to job requests immediately. The first few applicants usually have the best chances of being hired. In addition to the job requests that are sent to you, apply proactively by searching through the Marketplace to find exciting jobs.

Log in to the Coople Jobs App regularly. If you’re inactive for more than 28 days, our matching algorithm assumes you’re not interested in flexible work anymore and will stop sending you job requests.

Find rewarding work in the Coople Jobs App

Use our app to easily find new job opportunities to reach your goals.

The marketplace

Searching and applying for work couldn’t be simpler. Find new challenges on our jobs marketplace by searching for the job or company name or by applying filters for location and salary expectations.

The map

You can find rewarding work near you by tapping on the map icon in the marketplace. Zoom in and out according to your location preferences and tap on the pins to see the details of a job.

The application

Once you’ve reviewed the details of an interesting job, you can select the shifts you want to apply for and send your application.

Our tips on getting hired fast

Novice roles

If you’re struggling to get hired, try applying for novice roles at first. Once you get that first star rating, it’s a lot easier to find subsequent work.

Choose different roles

If you don’t have much experience, think about the roles that you are more likely to succeed in. For hospitality, you may want to apply for smaller locations (rather than large hotels) at the start.

Apply a lot

Keep applying! It doesn’t matter if some of the shifts clash. If you are hired for one, you will be automatically withdrawn from any other application that clashes with it.

Add more job profiles

Add a variety of job profiles that interest you. The more job profiles you add, the more direct job requests you will receive.

Push notifications

Enable push notifications – that means you can be amongst the first to hear about new jobs and be an early applicant.

Job descriptions matter

Read the job descriptions thoroughly as some roles may require greater levels of experience for you to be considered.

Frequently asked questions

How does Coople’s Summer Bonus work?

To enter, you must fill in our entry form and complete five shifts between July 1st – August 31st 2023. Every five shifts you complete after the initial five will give you another entry into the prize draw to give you a greater chance of winning CHF 1’000.-.

How will I know how many shifts I have completed?

As soon as you have filled in the entry form and downloaded the Coople Jobs App, we will keep you informed about your progress in the Coople Summer Bonus. In addition, you can see how many shifts you have already completed in the Coople Jobs App in the «My Jobs» tab. All jobs between July 1st – August 31st 2023 count towards the summer bonus.

In which sectors can I find most shifts?

We currently have the most demand in hospitality, logistics and retail. For these sectors, there are also unskilled job profiles available for which you don’t need any previous work experience. It’s best practise to add many job profiles that interest you, so you get more choice.

How will I know if I win?

We’ll directly communicate with our three winners via In-App message or email within five working days after August 31st. We’ll also publicly post the names of our winners across ​ our Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow our pages for updates.

Do I need industry experience to take part?

No – Coople’s Summer Bonus is open to all, no matter your industry background or experience level. Many of our jobs do not require previous experience. Just​ choose job profiles where you can choose the education level «unskilled». Important: make sure to update and upload your CV with all relevant experience to increase your chances of getting hired!

Who can I contact if I need help?

If you have a question or are experiencing any problems, ​ visit our Help Centre ffirst. You can also email our friendly customer care team at We’re here to help you.