Work finds you, at EHL!

Rencontre Coople à l'EHL

Curious about how the Coople app can make your student life more successful? We invite you to meet Coople at the EHL Career Fair on October 13th.

Coople is the perfect compliment to your studies. The app helps you find flexible jobs based on your location, availability and experience – just simply accept or decline job offers through the app. No more time-consuming job searches, turn job-searching into job-finding!

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The Wall of Fun Facts

At Coople we want to highlight what really makes you a unique human being, not just a good candidate. Tell us your biggest personal talent – one that you would not usually mention in a job interview but is useful in your everyday life. In return you’ll get some cool Coople goodies.

Planning your visit

Planning on paying us a visit? Let us know at what time you’re coming, and we’ll have someone there to greet you. This is not mandatory, but it will help us organize for the peak times. 😉
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