Coople Winter Bonus – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The organizer of this competition is Coople (Switzerland) Ltd. By participating in the Coople Winter Bonus you agree to and accept Coople’s terms and conditions of participation in the competition. The competition takes place from 15.10.19. to 31.12.19 and includes the draw of 10 x 1’000.- Fr. The winners will be randomly selected by Coople. The prizes will be awarded to 10 Cooplers who meet the following criteria:

A successful competition participant:

  • Is an employee registered with Coople
  • Filled in the registration form to participate in the competition
  • Has completed at least 5 shifts between 15.10.19 and 31.12.19
  • Has no unexcused non-appearance (no show)
  • Does not produce a rejection with less than 24 hours notice until the start of the mission (exception: presentation of evidence of reasonable justification)
  • Does not show any delay at the place of action
  • Has never been blacklisted by an employer
  • Always adheres to the given clothing regulations
  • Achieves an average star rating of at least 3 stars
  • Has an active profile as of end of December 2019

Registered participants who do not meet all of the above criteria are not eligible to win.

Registrations should only be made by coopers who meet the above criteria – registrations through third parties, agencies or automated means (e.g. scripts and macros) will not be accepted and will prevent the entrant from participating in future contests. Entries that do not meet the conditions will be disqualified.

Identification and notification of winners
The Coople marketing team will contact the winners within 5 working days of the end of the competition to organise the delivery of the prizes. Coople reserves the right to publicly announce the winners via social media channels (e.g. with the format M. Sample). Facebook itself has nothing to do with the competition and is not available as a contact person. With the exception of the winners, no correspondence will be entered into about the raffle.

Coople reserves the right to modify or terminate this competition at any time at its sole discretion.

Other provisions:

  • Coople accepts no liability for any transmission errors, loss of data, in particular in the course of data transmission and other service disruptions as a result of technical defects.
  • Coople reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition due to false information, manipulation or the use of unauthorized aids.
  • No correspondence will be entered into about the competitions – apart from the notification of the winner. All decisions of Coople and the jury appointed by Coople are final and are not substantiated. Legal recourse is excluded.
  • Swiss law is exclusively applicable to these conditions of participation as well as to the competitions. The courts at the registered office of Coople (Schweiz) AG shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes relating to these conditions of participation.
  • Coople reserves the right to change or discontinue the Contests or their procedure (including these Conditions of Participation) at any time without separate notification of the participants and/or to replace the prizes if this should be necessary due to unforeseeable external circumstances. Coople disclaims any liability in such cases. There will be no cash payment or exchange of prizes.
  • Free participation: Participation in this competition does not require any work. Click on the button below and tell us why you deserve the prize. Thereby you automatically take part in our prize draw to win 10 x 1’000.- Fr.

Limitation of liability
Coople has organized the contest in good faith and cannot be held liable for any damages of any kind and origin related to the participation in this contest, including the allocation of prizes and the subsequent consumption, redemption or use of the prizes themselves.

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