Coople helps businesses all over Switzerland work smarter

Coople is the staffing solution and the answer to the most unforeseen events and personnel needs in all industries in Switzerland. Hire the perfect staff today.

Nendaz Freeride turned to Coople when it needed help managing its workforce

“Coople handles the workers’ expenses which gives us room to focus on other pressing tasks.”

Coople was the staffing partner of the Nendaz Freeride 2019. Using Coople, event organizers recruited temporary workers from different professional backgrounds to set up the extreme skiing competition. Cooplers worked jobs ranging from constructing the competition villages to distributing flyers and merchandise.

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ZFV partnered with Coople for its 5-star pop-up project in Lucerne

“Quick, uncomplicated, qualified and extremely motivated.”

Gastronomy group ZFV’s latest pop-up project was a blazing success, and Coople was a privileged partner. The exquisite dishes and quality service provided from Swiss top chef Mario Garcia coupled Coople’s professional service staff were such a huge success and generated so much demand that the pop-up restaurant extended its run.

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From logistics to reception to cleaning to security: Coople is everywhere at Zurich Airport

“Coople supported us strategically and made sure that everything worked. A very successful cooperation.”

Zurich Airport is a complete microcosm: for the variety of different jobs that had to be done, the airport management turned to Coople. The flexibility and fluctuations demanded by the tourism industry makes Coople a partner of choice for all companies providing airport and ground handling services. Because Coople provides flexible workers on-demand, businesses can supplement their core teams with additional flexible staff when needs arise.

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