We’re giving away 10’000 Fr. for Christmas

Complete your Coopler Profile for a chance of winning one of 40 x 250 Fr. cash prizes

How it works

To complete your Coopler Profile, you have to

  1. Login to your Coople Profile
  2. Upload your ID (or equivalent for non-CH citizens) –
    make sure to add both sides of your ID!
  3. Upload or update your CV (check this blog for some insider tips!)
  4. Upload a profile picture (find hints on the perfect pic here)
  5. Voilà, you’ve automatically entered the prize draw and you’ll be one step closer to getting hired this Holiday season!

Pro tip: Make sure you’ve selected all Job Profiles relevant to you and your skills so that you’re ready to work when the perfect job comes along.

Welcome to Coople’s Christmas Bonus

At Coople, we want to set you up for success and make sure you’re well on your way to your 1st shift. To maximize your starting position, we are here to help you!

Simply complete your Coopler Profile with a valid ID (or equivalent documents), upload a nice-looking profile pic and add your CV. Once done, and you’ll enter the prize draw of 40 x CHF 250 cash prizes!

This promotion is valid from November 28, 2018 to January 16, 2019*.

*(T&Cs apply)

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Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 8,505.00  -  CHF 27.00 p/h
Verkaufsmitarbeiter für 2-3 Monate
Monday, 13th April (UTC+2) - 7323 Wangs

Service Gastronomie

CHF 400.00  -  CHF 25.00 p/h
Unterstützung Logistik - Flaschenpöstler*in gesucht
Thursday, 30th April (UTC+2) - 8305 Dietlikon


CHF 3,002.25  -  CHF 28.20 p/h
Koch/Köchin 80-100% Restaurant ab April 2020
Monday, 6th April (UTC+2) - 1712 Tafers

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 203.60  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 6460 Altdorf

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 432.65  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:552:BS ALLSCHWILERSTRASSE
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4055 Basel

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 432.65  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:405:BS RIEHENSTRASSE
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4058 Basel

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 470.85  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4123 Allschwil

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 432.65  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:611:BS KLYBECKSTRASSE
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4057 Basel

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 470.85  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4127 Birsfelden

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 432.65  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:524:BS REBGASSE
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4058 Basel

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 432.65  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:515:RIEHEN BASELSTRASSE
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 4125 Riehen

Verkaufsmitarbeiter/in / Detailhandel

CHF 458.10  -  CHF 25.45 p/h
Einlasskontrolle:1364:DOMAT EMS
Thursday, 9th April (UTC+2) - 7013 Domat/Ems


The contest is run by Coople (Schweiz) AG. By participating in “COOPLE’S CHRISTMAS BONUS” contest, you fully agree to and accept the terms and conditions. The contest runs from 28.11.2018 to 16.01.2019 and includes a total of 40 cash prizes each worth 250 Fr. to be won. Prize recipients will be selected at random from all Cooplers who fulfil the participation requirements below.

Cash Prize

Winners selected at random by Coople. Prize may only be won by Cooplers who have completed their Coopler Profile (up to date CV, profile picture, ID or equivalent all uploaded to their Coople profile) within the timeline of the contest.

  • 40 winners will each receive 250 Fr.

Each Coopler can win a maximum of one cash prize during the duration of the contest.

A successful participant in the contest must:

  • Be a registered worker on the Coople platform
  • Have completed their Coopler Profile and uploaded an updated CV, profile picture and copies of ID or equivalent in between 28.11.2018 and 16.01.2019 to their Coople profile account
  • Have an active account at the end of the month

Participants who do not meet the above criteria will not be included in the prize draw and are not eligible to win prizes. Winners selected at random by Coople.

Participation by third parties, agencies, and automated systems (such as scripts and macros) is not accepted and will result exclusion from any future contests.

Determining and notification of winners:

The Coople marketing team will contact the winners within the first 5 working days of the following month. The names of all participants who have met the necessary criteria will be written onto raffle tickets and placed into a raffle drum. Winners will then be drawn at random each month by Coople. Coople reserves the right to publicly announce winners via public social media channels (e.g. in the format “A. Lastname”). Facebook itself is in no way associated with the competition and cannot be contacted in this regard. No correspondence will be entered into – with the exception of the winners.

Coople reserves the right to modify or terminate this competition at any time as it sees fit.


The winners will will receive their one-off cash prize payout on the following month after the contest ends.

  • If the Coopler completed a shift in the meantime, the pay out will be made within the next salary round after the contest ended and will be added on top of their salary.
  • For Cooplers who didn’t complete a shift in the meantime the payout will be made via Post or bank account. Coople will contact respective people via email.
Other Conditions
  • Coople will not be held liable for any transmission errors or loss of data, particularly with regards to disrupted data transfer and other errors due to technical defects.
  • Coople reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition in the case of incorrect information being provided, manipulation or use of prohibited aids.
  • No correspondence will be entered into about the competition, except for notification of the winners. All decisions made by Coople and the jury chosen by Coople are final and do not require justification. There is no possibility for legal recourse.
  • These terms and conditions of participation as well as the competition are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Any and all disputes arising from these terms and conditions of participation fall within the sole jurisdiction of the courts at the place where Coople has its registered office.
  • Coople reserves the right to alter or terminate the competition (including these terms and conditions) at any time and without notice to participants, and/or to replace the prizes in the event that this becomes necessary due to unforeseen, external circumstances. Coople accepts no liability in these instances. There is no cash alternative. Prizes cannot be exchanged.
  • Participation free of charge: Participation in this competition is not bound to any monetary expenditure or worked shifts and is free of charge.

Limitation of liability

Coople has organized this competition in good faith and cannot be held liable for damages of any kind and with any cause, that may arise in association with participation in this competition.

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