Increasing productivity with flexible staff

How the RHIAG Group introduced new processes, reorganized its warehouses and increased productivity.

The RHIAG Group is the Italian market leader and a fast growing company in the sale of automotive spare parts. New internal processes were introduced at the beginning of the year to increase productivity. These processes included the labelling of hundreds of products as well as the relocation and reorganization of the entire warehouse. The accomplishment of these tasks was only possible with the support of Coople and our pool of flexible staff.


Taking RIHAG Group to the next level


In their logistics department, RHIAG aims to work with the same flexible workers as much as possible to keep the onboarding cost for new workers low. The recruitment of such flexible workers is carried out by the respective department heads and not by the HR department, which means that, prior to using Coople, too much time had been spent on recruitment and personnel administration.

Their main challenges when they came to Coople can be summarised as:

Fluctuating staffing needs due to varying business cycles

Availability of the same flexible workers at all times, in order to keep onboarding costs low

Too much time spent on recruiting and personnel administration, especially for flexible logistics staff


Throughout the year, the RHIAG Group relies on flexible staff to support its core teams during peak periods. Coople’s flexible employees allow permanent staff to be relieved of workloads. This enables our customer to maintain employee efficiency and increase productivity. In addition, department managers can fully focus on their core tasks again by outsourcing the recruitment and personnel administration of flexible logistics staff to Coople.

Thanks to the favorites pool that has been built up, the company can always work with the same people who already know the internal processes and no longer need any further introductions.


Flexible staff made a difference

Availability & Quality

24/7 access to a pool of favorites with 40 flexible employees


Qualified applicants apply within minutes after job activation

Recruitment outsourced

Flexible logistics staff is sourced via Coople to allow more time for core tasks

“I appreciate the flexibility of Coople and think the concept is great. It’s the ideal solution for the RHIAG Group.”

Zoran Dotlo, Head of Logistics

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