Let’s make something clear: life post-graduation is confusing. With the myriad of different options available to you, it can be difficult to know which one is the one for you… So why limit yourself to just one? If you’re fresh out of University and unsure which path to take, here are 5 reasons why the field of flexible work might be the right post-grad option for you.


Jack of all trades, master of none; but oftentimes better than master of one. Working flexibly offers you the opportunity to dabble in as many fields as you like and pick up enriching skills in different areas post-graduation. You might even find an undiscovered passion along the way! If you’re keen on trying something new, why not have a look at the jobs available on the Coople platform? From hospitality to events, office and retail, we’ve got it all. 

  1. TIME

The best thing about working flexibly is working on your own time. Unlike permanent jobs, which often have rigid work schedules, flexible jobs gives you the opportunity to work whenever best suits you. You no longer have to worry about the strict 9-5 schedule day in and day out – you work on your own time. That means a better work-life balance and less stress for you!


Gathering experience from lots of different roles and hopping from one workplace to another helps to prevent blank spaces on your CV, which can put off employers. It also helps to showcase your versatility and ability to adapt in new settings, which is valued no matter where you work or what you work as. Flexible work is a great post-grad option if you haven’t found that perfect job just yet.


The great thing about working across various industries is that you’re sure to build amazing connections along the way. Building your network goes a long way to further your career and personal growth. With all your talented teammates around you, you’re bound to gain invaluable experiences (and maybe even a great reference or two!) to prepare you for your future steps.


Working on your own terms, having a healthier work-life balance, choosing and enjoying the work that you do… It can only lead to better daily outlook on life! One major benefit of flexible working is the positivity it brings – whether it’s at work or in your downtime, being the one calling the shots in your own life helps you feel more relaxed and fulfilled. 

Temp work allows you to reclaim control over your career and live life on your own terms, so if you’re struggling to find work that feels right for you, why not join Coople to kickstart your flexible work journey? Get started with this week’s featured jobs at https://www.coople.com/ch/en/jobs/ – happy exploring!