Have you thought about using a recruitment agency to find flexible work? Well, you’re not alone: everyone from students to single parents and beyond are becoming more interested in the topic of flexible working. Some are looking to make work fit around their schedule, while others would like to supplement their income by working extra jobs. In fact, market research conducted by gfs-zürich revealed that there are currently around 340,000 temporary workers placed by recruitment agencies in Switzerland alone.

Growth of temporary workers per year in Switzerland (Source: swissstaffing)

Plenty of demand for flexible work means plenty of choice, and that has resulted in many types of agencies, which can make it difficult to find the right one. To help you find the agency model which best suits your needs, we’ve pulled together a comparison on how traditional recruitment agencies work versus how Coople works.

Some things to know before you get started: all recruitment agencies (Coople included) must comply with Swiss employment rights legislation. Many are a part of swissstaffing, the association which represents staff leasing companies in the matters of policy, economy, and society.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies

In many traditional recruiting agencies, you will have to sit through an interview with your recruiting consultant so they can get a better understanding of your skills and experience. You may also be asked to provide references from your previous employers. After your meeting with the consultant, you may be asked to sit through a second interview or take an additional assessment test related to the job you would be applying for. The location, pay, and responsibilities will differ from job to job. Some recruitment agencies pay weekly, whereas others will pay monthly. Once you’ve completed your temporary assignment, the process starts over again.

How Coople is different

With Coople, we simplify the process and put the control in your hands. There are no interviews involved, and you get to decide when, where, and however much you want to work. It’s easy to filter for job openings in your area and you can even apply for ones you like on the go by using the Coople app on your phone. At any time, you can see the wages, location, and details of the jobs you want to apply for. Once you have completed a job, all relevant details like hours worked and payment are also recorded and accessible.

If you have worked over 352 hours through Coople, you are also entitled to monetary support through temptraining should you decide to pursue further education courses.

5 simple steps to achieving a flexible work life with Coople

  1. Register with Coople, create a job profile, and upload your relevant documents (CV, ID/work permit, certifications)
  2. Download the Coople app
  3. Find a job you like and apply through the app; we’ll check your documents before your first day of work
  4. Get hired and turn up for work—that means no wasted time with interviews!
  5. Receive your payment on the 5th working day of each month

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