During times of hardship, community is more important than ever. That’s why we have reached out to Cooplers who were incredibly active and worked a lot of shifts during the pandemic to share their secrets to success with the rest of our communityYou might have seen them on our social channels a couple of weeks agoThese unwavering members of our community have stepped up to share their advice and experience to help you on your way to success. 

We’ve received a lot of amazing feedback and advice and summarized them here. We encourage you to heed their learnings and apply their advice to supplement your own working journey.  

Our Corona Heroes advise you to: 

  • Be sure to complete your profile and make sure it is in the best shape it can be! Upload and update your CV with your most relevant work experience and ensure you have uploaded all the relevant job profiles (with suitable experience levels) to your account 
  • Following on the last point, ensure that you have completed the “About Me” section of your profile – this is your chance to sell your skills and suitability to companies, so be sure to make the most of this space with a few short sentences! Upon reading, companies should be able to tell that you are a reliable and motivated worker 
  • Talk to companies you have previously worked with through Coople and let your enthusiasm and reliability be known! Let companies know that you are ready and willing to work under new safety measures or adjusted hours. Most companies are happy to rely on the support of Cooplers during such tough times, so be proactive in reaching out at the end of your current shift! 
  • Talk to co-workers at your shift. They often know a lot about the workplace you’re at and if there might even be a longer-term job opportunity. And even if not, you don’t lose anything by widening your network and getting to know new people.  
  • Turn on notifications and job requests to avoid missing out on new opportunities as they come in. Try to apply as quickly as possible so companies can see your application right away! 
  • Check the app regularly and consider expanding your search radius and the scope of jobs you are willing to do 
  • Apply for as many jobs as possible, even if they are not the kind of jobs you would typically apply forThink about the needs of workplaces and remain flexible to new opportunities that come your way. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t let rejection get to you  it’s inevitable, especially in such times of crisis, but all you need is just one acceptance to lead to success! 

Once again, thanks from all of us at Coople to our hardworking Corona Heroes for your tireless efforts! On the behalf of the rest of our community, we thanand applaud you for selflessly sharing your advice as community mentors 

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