We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the 10-year anniversaries of our Cooplers! Our Coopler Linda is also celebrating her 10th anniversary with Coople. In our interview, Linda revealed what motivated her to register with Coople back then and what professional and personal goals she is currently pursuing.

Introducing: Linda

When Linda registered with Coople 10 years ago, she was mainly working in the hospitality industry after her training as a chef. Over the past 10 years, Linda has been able to learn many new things, make new friends and even work with Rene Schudel thanks to Coople. Six years ago, Linda started her own business with digital crypto assets in customer support. As a reliable job platform, Coople helped her to build her own business.

Why did you join Coople?

“After my apprenticeship as a chef, I moved to France and spent one and a half years living and working on the Cote d’Azur in the south of the country. To improve my English, I then went to Australia. After 8 months, I started looking for a Swiss job from Australia to be able to work immediately upon my return. W This was not so easy, because at that time job interviews were still held on site. I looked for other solutions and came across the Coople Jobs App, where I found flexible and short-term jobs. Coople was the perfect solution to my challenge.”

What was your first Coople job?

“My first job was at the Hotel Alpenblick in Bern and I worked there as a chef. Thanks to the clear communication that Coople establishes between the companies and the Cooplers, it was a successful first job.”

“During my training at the Belvoirpark Hotel Management School in Zurich, Coople also helped me to earn money while studying.”

What new professional experiences and knowledge have you gained through Coople Jobs?

“Due to the fact that we always work with different people and teams at Coople, I learned to adapt and react flexibly all the time. My ability to memorise things was always challenged as I had to remember new procedures and information, such as new menus or new dishes, in the shortest possible time every time I had a new job. My knowledge of human nature and empathy skills also grew very much during this time. But I was also able to learn a lot of organisational skills, as it was common for me to work in four different companies in one month. During my training at the Belvoirpark Hotel Management School in Zurich, Coople also helped me to earn money while studying.”

What are your personal or professional goals at the moment?

“I started my own business six years ago and Coople helped me to flexibly generate another active income alongside my self-employment. This would not have been possible with a permanent job. Since every self-employment is about building up in the beginning. Coople was the best, easiest and safest way for me to secure my income. In the meantime, I use Coople to cover my fix costs and my entrepreneurship makes me financially free. But from January 2023, I’ll be travelling the world for two years, so I will take a break from Coople.”

What advice would you give to new Cooplers who have just registered?

“I recommend everyone to choose as many job profiles as possible and to work as many jobs as possible. You shouldn’t be too picky at the beginning to get good ratings as quickly as possible and build up an attractive job profile. It also makes sense to add unskilled job profiles to learn new skills.”

What new sectors/profiles were you able to experience thanks to Coople?

“I had the opportunity to work as an assistant of an event manager, as a hostess, in logistics, as a driver, in the commercial area, as a promoter and also in sales at my favourite sporting goods retailer, in addition to the many different hospitality jobs. I think it’s great how I’ve been able to gain insight into so many areas thanks to Coople.”

What is your favourite memory when you think about the last 10 years with Coople?

“There have been so many great moments, I can’t limit myself to just one favourite memory. I had so many nice and cool jobs, so many varied experiences, and so many cool people I was able to meet and with whom I am still in contact today. Overall, it’s a wonderful time to look back on, with many moments that I will remember for a long time. Two of them are, for example, a job at Migros Catering in St. Moritz, where I prepared roast beef on the grill in dream weather and white mountains, or the events in Dübendorf with René Schudel.”

Coopler Linda K. during a Coople Job

What message do you have for hiring companies?

“I love how grateful the hiring companies are for the Cooplers. For me, it’s normal to do my job, but this incredible gratitude that the companies make you feel is really nice. In general, I think the appreciation is unfortunately a bit lost in the labour market, but with temporary jobs it’s almost always there.”