Successful expansion with responsive staffing

Successful expansion with responsive staffing

STEF Switzerland Ltd. opens a new warehouse by using a responsive staffing strategy.


STEF Schweiz AG needed a responsive staffing strategy to open a new location in Kölliken. Their need for a new warehouse was driven by strong fluctuations in demand for their frozen products. Opening this location proved to be a challenge due to the unique, cold working environment (cold storage). It was also important for STEF to have access to the same regional, flexible workers. This allows fast reactions in case of last minute increases in demand. It also keeps onbaording costs for new workers low.

When STEF approached Coople, their key challenges were:

  • Strong fluctuations in order volume
  • Unusual working conditions (cold environment)
  • Their need for regional workers

imageHow did Coople’s responsive staffing solution help?

We have been supporting STEF Switzerland Ltd. since September 2019 with flexible warehouse staff. Responsive staffing enables them to react to the strong fluctuations in demand for fozen products. STEF’s team also relied on flexible staff from Coople for their expansion at the Kölliken site, from where the central warehouses of supermarkets and wholesalers throughout Switzerland are supplied. By building up a pool of favourites with flexible workers from the region, it was possible to make staff planning more reactive and agile, which played a major role for the success of the expansion.

Result: Flexible staffing enables STAF to be responsive to demand

  • Flexible stability: 4 flexible employees are working 5 days a week
  • Quality: Building up a pool of favourites with 20 flexible employees who have already proven themselves
  • Regionality: All flexible employees could be recruited from the surrounding area


What our client said about us:

With Coople, we have reliable staff available at short notice, who we can hire ourselves. We are very satisfied with the quality of the staff and with the entire support of Coople who always take our concerns very seriously.

Lina Cordova Nyffenegger
HR Assistant, STEF Switzerland Ltd.

Flaschenpost relies on a favorites pool of flexible staff

Flaschenpost relies on a favorites pool of flexible staff

Switzerland’s largest online wine store saw a significant increase in demand after the outbreak of COVID-19. Within a very short period of time, the company was able to build up a pool of qualified flexible staff to rely on as needed at their logistics centre in Dietlikon.

Challenges in building a pool of flexible staff

Flaschenpost Services AG needed a large pool of flexible staff at once to guarantee a smooth service and the ability to process incoming orders on time. The qualified workers needed to be available on call for an extended period of time.

In summary, the challenges were:

  • An extremely short lead time for most shifts
  • Their need for 20 workers per day over a longer period of time
  • A preference for working with the same flexible workers as much as possible

How did Coople help?

imageTo find the required number of qualified, flexible staff, Coople supported Flaschenpost by building a pool of favorites. The best performing workers who proved themselves during the first assignment for Flaschenpost were continuously highlighted and included in the pool of favorites. After only a few days, Flaschenpost already had a group of 25 flexible workers, whom they could rely on at any time for short-notice assignments. This set up also provides a good experience for Cooplers (our flexible workers), as they can repeatedly work in the same team with other Cooplers, which creates a sense of community.

Solution: How to build a pool of flexible staff on the Coople platform

With over 300’000 registered professionals, the Coople platform offers our clients the opportunity to access to a large pool of flexible staff at any time. Because of the advanced algorithm, advertised vacancies are quickly filled with motivated workers who bring the appropriate skills and experience. Staff who were able to impress during an assignment can be added to the so-called pool of favorites with just one click. This function accelerates and automates the hiring process for filling future vacancies with already vetted, flexible personnel.

How it works

  1. Create jobs
    The customer uses the simple Job Creator in the Coople Hire App to create and publish a job within minutes. They set the salary, position and experience required.
  2. Discovery process
    The job is automatically matched by the Coople algorithm with available, qualified employees. Flexible workers can apply and appear in the employer’s list of applicants.The hiring is completed with just one click.
  3. Confirm hours
    After the job is completed, the flexible worker enters the hours worked and submits it to the employer for approval. The platform then takes over and completes all administrative work, including payroll.

Result for Flaschenpost: A high-quality pool of ‘favorite’ flexible staff

  • Favourite-pool with 25 flexible workers: 11 favourites are in action, 5 days per week
  • Quality: All flexible workers are always punctual and reliable
  • Speed: Within one working day, the first 20 workers could be hired



What the client said about us:

How Coople helped a Supermarket chain during Covid-19

How Coople helped a Supermarket chain during Covid-19

Thanks to Coople, a leading Swiss discounter found and employed more than 600 specialists across Switzerland within less than 48 hours.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, one of the biggest supermarket discounters in Switzerland approached Coople to find the staff they needed to to secure the safety of their customers. They had to position staff at the entrance to guard the number of entrees, answer questions and reassure customers.

  • Keeping up with the COVID-19 measures to guarantee the safety of the thousands of visitors a day
  • Recruitment of additional staff for over 150 branches in the three language regions of Switzerland.


How did Coople help?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the discount supermarket urgently needed to guarantee the safety of the thousands of customers who visited their stores daily. To ensure everyone stayed safe and their customer service levels didn’t suffer, over 600 extra workers were required within 48 hours. Keeping up with the COVID-19 measures to guarantee the safety of the thousands of visitors a day.


With over 300,000 registered specialists, the Coople platform offers operational services the opportunity to access a large pool of flexible employees at any time. Thanks to the advanced algorithm, the advertised vacancies at the discounter were quickly filled by motivated employees with the right skills and experience.

  1. Create jobs
    The supermarket chain used the simple Job creator in the app to create and publish a job within minutes. They set the salary, position and experiences required.
  2. Discovery proccess
    The job was automatically matched with available employees using the Coople algorithm. The employees were able to apply and the employers reviewed the applicants for their CV and ratings before hiring them.
  3. Confirm hours
    After the job is completed, the supermarket double checks the logged working hours. The platform then takes over and completes all administrative work, and payroll.


  • Fully vetted workers: Found over 2.500 qualified candidates within a few hours
  • Fast delivery: Selection of over 600 motivated workers who were ready to work within 48 hours
  • Time Saving: Flexibility of employees and personnel, provides a possible reduction in hours of work


What our client said about the collaboration:

We are very satisfied with the platform in the WEB and the app is excellently implemented.

Personnel Manager Discount-Supermarket

Why Coople’s mission statement and website are changing

Why Coople’s mission statement and website are changing

When we started pioneering flexible work more than 10 years ago, Coople’s mission was to create the future of work. At the time, the concept of flexible work was new and different. Today, external flexible workers, who help businesses adjust their team sizes according to demand, are essential to many businesses’ core operational capabilities. The recent COVID-19 crisis has shown how flexible workers are essential to ensure our economies can function in any condition. In many cases, it was the critical work of flexible workers that, for example, enabled supermarkets and the agricultural sector to provide the population with essential goods. They guaranteed that vital supply chains could continue working despite severe disruptions due to COVID-19.

To account for the important role that flexible workers play in our economy, we are changing our mission statement to better reflect our strategy. Coople’s mission is to ‘Make flexible work as rewarding, meaningful and recognised as permanent employment’. It is time for the world to truly embrace flexible work. We commit to continue disrupting the market to take it to the next level.

You will have noticed that things already look a bit different here. This is only the start and we are excited about explaining our plans and Coople’s mission in more detail in September. In the meantime, we’d love to hear any questions or your feedback. You can always reach us at marketing@coople.com.

The signs of burnout and how to recover

The signs of burnout and how to recover

What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion caused by overexertion and excessive and prolonged stress. Symptoms include frequent illness and lowered immunity, constant fatigue, loss of motivation and reduced performance. 

It’s by no means a rare phenomena, either – a study found that the rate of burnout in Switzerland is increasing rapidly, with work stoppages due to stress rising by 50% since 2012. The Swiss government also found that stress and burnout costs the economy roughly CHF10 billion per annum. On top of that, research has also shown that burnout not only affects your wellbeing, your brain(!) and performance, but can cause strain on relationships too. Due to its widespread effects, prevention and treatment is key.

Early warning signs

Pre-burnout and depression share many similar symptoms, including but not limited to:

  • Increased cynicism and negative outlook
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Increased sugar/alcohol consumption
  • Decreased quality of work

Overcoming burnout

We’ve gathered a number of tips to guide you through overcoming mild cases of burnout below. In more severe cases, we advise our Cooplers to reach out to more appropriate sources of support such as mental health support lines or local practising doctors for advisory guidance. Remember, you are not alone in your struggle, nor do you have to suffer in silence!

1. Find a healthy work-life balance
As the Coople mantra goes: work to live, don’t live to work! Life is about more than just the 9-5 (or whatever flexible hours you choose as a Coopler) grind. Pursue creative endeavours, invest time in your interests and social life to reconnect with life outside of work.

2. Take time for yourself
Exercise, a quality sleep schedule, nourishing meals and proper “me time” – these are all touted regularly as treatments for stress and other similar ailments, but for good reason. Having a solid self care routine can do wonders for the busy individual, so make sure you’re setting time aside each day to disconnect from work and focus on yourself and your wellbeing.

3. Set boundaries
If you’re reaching capacity on what you can manage in your personal and work life, don’t be afraid to take a stance and say “no”.

If you’re feeling on the cusp of (pre)burnout, it’s also a good idea to take a step back to assess the underlying cause. Are you working too many long nights? Are your social obligations, fitness goals and home life on top of your work aspirations too much to balance? Once you pinpoint the root, you can begin recuperating.

Remember: if you’re suffering from (pre)burnout, there are sources of support you can reach out to for guidance. We recommend you to call your GP for advice and necessary health assessments, or dial 143 to reach the “Helping Hand” counselling helpline. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team at +41 44 554 50 00 for advice and further support.