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Are you looking for additional staff to complement your core team during peak business hours? Or do you need to recruit some extra hands to help you organize an event? If you’re in need of temporary, flexible workers, then Coople is the answer! We’ll take care of all your on-demand staffing needs, from hiring to payroll.

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Create an employer account today for free and we’ll cover the costs of the first day of work of your first hired Coopler*, no matter their experience level or pay grade! Simply mention the COOPLE ALPS OFFER in your introductory conversation with our customer care representative.

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  • Hire on-demand and choose who you want to hire 24/7
  • 300,000 registered Cooplers are ready to work for you
  • Choose from novice to experienced workers
  • No minimum duration
  • Auto-matching of candidates to missions, so you can spend less time searching
  • Coople covers payroll and worker insurance, so you know you’re hiring conscientiously

*This offer only applies to first-time registered companies on the Coople platform. Offer is limited to one hired person for up to 8 hours and applies to a shift registered within the first 30 days after registration only. Coople reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time.

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  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Events Assistant
  • Craft & Assembly/Dismantling
  • Logistician
  • Receptionist
  • Chef/Cook

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With a strong worldwide following, Coldplay had booked to play multiple dates in Switzerland during June 2016. Due to the band’s popularity and high demand for tickets, an additional date was added to their European tour. To facilitate the event, an additional 800 staff were required at short notice, 50% of which were provided by Coople and of those 400 job roles, 80% were filled within four hours. Jobs covered a range of skills; including serving staff, chefs, logistics, stage assembly, and all-rounder events staff. Coople has worked with ZFV, a major contract caterer for live events since 2012 and is one of their preferred suppliers.
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