Sacha Bielawski

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Sacha Bielawski

Sacha Bielawski joined Coople in February 2016 as Chief Business Development Officer and is now Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for managing the Group finances, executing the corporate and expansion strategies and is in charge of investor relations.

Sacha Bielawski has spent the majority of his career working within the investment banking and private equity sectors where he has successfully lead M&A, financial restructuring and investment projects across Europe and the US.

With a strong desire to pursue entrepreneurial projects, he founded Peak Ventures an investment vehicle set up with the purpose of acquiring owner-managed UK-based businesses with £15m+ in revenues and no successors.

Upon completing his MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore, Sacha moved to London in 2006 where he now resides with his wife and two daughters. In addition to collecting timepieces, Sacha is a keen sportsman and regularly swims, skis, and plays tennis with his family.

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